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  1. @ Triple Thanks for that. I reverted to 3.2.6_248086 and things improved i.e It doesn't hog the CPU as much especially in background, normal response from other apps. It still stalls the fps in certain places on the sim but at least it recovers by changing position or view. Overall though it is still unstable but slightly more usable. P.S. use of the Debug and Texture consoles shows ( I think) the servers are not behaving well if they don't find an asset and are killing a lot of timed out calls.
  2. MacBook Pro 15" 2.4GHz Core i5 4GigRAM OS 10.6.8 Graphics switching Off 12Mb DSL The latest viewer SL3.3.0.251182 brings my MacBook to a grinding halt. On login I get up to 30fps for about five minutes then the fps drops to 0.5-1fps, the ping times go way over 600ms usually about 1200, but sometimes up to and over 4500. Reducing draw distance has no effect, reducing graphics quality has no effect. Increasing/decreasing bandwidth has no effect, increasing/decreasing cache size has no effect. I have turned off the HTTP Textures and HTTP inventory but this seems to only delay the onset of total glue. This goes futher in that with SL as a background process all other applications running in the finder slow to a crawl too, so even typing in an SL forum search dialog suffers horrific lag. Not just the LL viewer but Firestorm also suffers the same fate only faster. Anybody else seeing this lately or any suggestions...
  3. Hmm so many views no replies... (caveat - I do not have current C4D so Collada export and joint/bone handling is not assured) The(My) truth is there is none. Your best route is to get Blender (which version depends on what you wish to do, looongggg post dredging required). Get the SL boned avatar from http://dominodesigns.info/downloads/blender/avatar.blend In C4D set units to mm. In Blender - Open the downloaded file from above. Select all and export to .dae (Tricky - depends on do you want to do - bone(for avi) or rig (for clothes)?). Take default options In C4D - Open the .dae Adjust views and re-size Your mesh to match the SL one - (Tiny!) - You will need to re-consider your construction! Learn how to weight paint and build a rig! ... (omg sooo may ways - Cactus Dan helps, but R12+ does too) Stop. Review. Start again. Sorry! But it really is bleeding edge for me - if any more current C4D users know better...
  4. them bones them bones them names them bones... ? If you poke around, you might find an R12 tut in a hypernoisy nugget… _DT-Xntrod_to_CharXXter_RiXXing_in_CXXXXX4D.part… but then U gotta follow the SL bone/name/weights...
  5. If it worked then please TY The Goddess of Rotations for her translation or this might not have happened for you without her intervention. (sorta backhanded TY Rollig for all the posts on those damn quaternion/gimble/bugger wotsits).
  6. You imported a .dae and 'changed the mesh' - Did you connect (weld) all the separate meshes into one? Did you re-assign the skin to the new mesh? Did you make a new set of vertex weights making sure all vertices are used? If the new mesh is rigged is it deforming correctly? If you export your new single mesh to .dae and import it into blender again is it correct? If the answer to all the above is yes then I am at the limit of my knowledge. Gluck
  7. I am not sure about this, but... I think you need to have only 1 mesh. I only have C4D v 11.5 - and I have uploaded a mesh - but only as 1 piece, it can have 8 textures, (selection tags, each with a material). I see in your manager you have a head mesh/skin and a body mesh/skin - I think it should be one mesh one skin one set of vertex weights but up to 8 texture selections. Gluck.
  8. TY Nacy - more eloquent than I.
  9. There ain't nothing free about any life - but quality/efficiency/economy is a recipe best served to taste.
  10. Quite simply - Edges. I have been in SL for a while and sculptys have always disappointed me - they are just bubbles with (well) crafted textures. Mesh offers Topology. Can you make one sculpty that displays like this? This is not an 'anti-sculpty' reply (they have their uses), just pointing to the 'bleeding' edges. ?
  11. Very interesting question... Brings to mind also the question of an SLwill. Who does/or could your avatar love so much as to bequeath their all. Is it possible to pass land (mainland 512 - no rent) to one's love?
  12. I've been trying some mesh uploads and have encountered a problem. Using the latest viewer I can upload a mesh to the main grid but if I go to Aditi I see a message in the upload dialog that I must complete the IP tutorial. When I log into my web account page Mesh Upload Status shows green boxes for payment info and tutorial but the text above says To register just update... When I go to the IP questions it opens at Q.10 with all answered correctly... I see others have had similar difficulties and Charlar has fixed them so I am hoping he can do the same for me please.
  13. Thank You Mr. Jobs. - May your meams persist enternaly.
  14. Check out www.greenlaners.com - run by Yevad Doobie I think his name is - maps of all the public routes around SL.
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