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  1. Mine's a lot of random me. So if you are interested in that.....
  2. I have RPd a teen in SL for over 3 years. I went to a high school during that time, but they have closed for now. (Eden Valley) Here is a link to my Flickr to see how I look and dress. (there are pics of my adult alt in there a bit too)
  3. I know it says I am a newbie but it lies. I have been here 14 years. I usually post on my other account. I am the teen alt, but currently the main. I would love to do this. I am usually online every day. I can be on just about any time though i often sleep between 3AM and 10AM SLT. (I am central standard time in the USA, SLT plus 2) You can contact me in world under this name
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