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  1. ah... well the deruther helps you mostly... but sometimes it also fixes others. That sounds like a server glitch.
  2. if that happens again find a "Deruth-er" post. you can get it free from people and if you can rez on the land rez it, sit on it, then it should clear up.
  3. That's odd.... Are you sure it's an Unmodified Emerald or could he been doing something bad and blamed it on Emerald to cover his tracks?
  4. Just try TPing into CARP or any sex sim
  5. whenever I mute someone... I get a view of my mute list... so you could mute a random victim and then find the mutes you dont want to have that way
  6. Not a perfect thing but go to a Class 4 or 5 that you know is that a 4 or 5 now TP to the other region going from a C4 to a C5 or vice versa puts a message up that the simulator is running a different class than the one you were in.
  7. edit one item, hold shift, click the second item, finally you let go of shift and hit "Link"/Ctrl-L this is assuming that you been edit one item, hold Ctrl-L then try hitting the second item.
  8. Try using shift instead of Ctrl when selecting multiple objects...that give you only 3 arrows to fiddle around and Tools Menu works well enough to get it linked without needing to hold Ctrl
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