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  1. Educators (schools and universities) aren't the only organizations affected by this. Others include: - Museums like The Tech Museum of Innovation and the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum in SL - Government agencies like NASA and NOAA - Libraries - Relay for Life (the American Cancer Society) - Virtual Ability - Advocacy organizations like the National Space Society
  2. That message that sometimes pops up when you teleport is to tell you that you've teleported to a region (sim) running a different version of the SL server software (i.e. a different software version, not a different server class).
  3. That's somewhat helpful, since the motivation for wanting to know if a region is on a class 4 or 5 server is to get a sense of the potential performance. Many real estate ads say "All our sims are Class 5!" or similar. Is there any way for a potential renter to see if they're being conned?
  4. That's not what I want to check. I want to check if the server running the region is class 4 or class 5.
  5. If I'm renting a parcel (so I'm not the estate owner), how to I check to see what class server the sim / region is running on?
  6. How can a land renter check to see if the parcel they're renting is on a region with a Class 4 server or a Class 5 server?
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