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  1. I checked those not long ago and couldnt get a last name.
  2. Ok, lately I've been seeing newly created accounts with first and last names. These aren't the display names. They read like this in profile: Charlotte Carlucci (charlotte.carlucci). I used my name as just an example. These accounts are anywhere from a day old to a month or 2. Anyone know how thay are getting the last names?
  3. The re-install seems to have helped. I havent seen me or anyone else fold over. And yes SL is full of glitches. They seem to be getting worse rather then better. Thanks everyone for your help!!!!!!!
  4. Even if I was seeing everyone else folding? All day yesterday everyone else started folding over also.
  5. Thanks Ella for your helpful answer, but I ended up having to remove all viewers and re installing them.
  6. Can anyone tell me why my avie keeps folding in half? This started a couple days ago. It happens intermittently, but is happening more and more often. None else sees it, I have asked several people if they see it. Im not wearing any new attachments, I have removed all attachments, removed all scripts from attachments, dumped cache, relogged. Nothing has helped. Please someone help me get my head out of my @#*.
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