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  1. Cool Viewer has the following patch for the ATI Mobility GPU: ATIcrashBug (for v1.20.15 and older only: implemented in v1.21): works around the hardware cursor bug of Mobility Radeon cards running with the ATI fglrx drivers. See the VWR-1320 bug report for full details. It intsalls over top of your existing sl install.
  2. Yeah I figured that out. It does work if you hold control L though, so I had been doing it that way for a year! I'm not much of a manual reader, I guess
  3. Go to world, about land. On the general tab under type, it will be listed as Mainland, Homestead or Estate/Full Region. You should be on an Estate/Full Region if it is a Class 5 Sim. I'm not sure what open spcae comes up as.
  4. Hey Everyone, I'm trying to link small objects, but when I hit the control key (control-L to link the objects) the 'rotate orb' comes up and covers my objects so I can't select them. It's nice that it comes up if I only hit control, but when I'm in link mode, it should go away (I'd call this a bug, myself) How do you turn this thing off so I can link my objects? Thanks, Z
  5. Well that makes perfect sense, so it is random! lol
  6. This is one thing I've allways wondered and every time I've asked someone, I've never been able to find anyone that knows the answer to. We've made wild guesses, but still can't figure out what the red landmark pin icons represent over the blue ones. I've even made some myself that turned out red, and I have no idea why they show up like that? So anyone know what the red colour for a landmark designates? We thought it might have meant ot was group owned, adult, given to you by the owner, locked down to a landing point etc, but in each case these obviously were incorrect. I'm sure this is in help someplace, but it was kind of fun to try to figure it out because it seems to be random.
  7. Q: What parties outside of LL has access to residents' IP addresses--assigned by their ISPs--if all communications between parties/residents are only inworld? (Please note the "only inworld" part which I clearly didn't recognize was being violated by listening to a music stream.) A: Anyone that offers a service on a server not managed by Linden Labs. In world this is any stream, database enabled object, or web enabled object.
  8. Nope, the SQL database an inworld user would use would be outside of Linden Labs control. I can see all of the IP information of anyone that accesses any of my servers. That's not saying that I sit around looking for this info, but it is definately no hard task to gather it and make it easily readable on a webserver. It's even easy to take it one step further and use GeoIP and narrow it right down to the town that the visitor is in within nanoseconds, so it is possible to write a script that would launch a webpage in world and do something like: Hello (Avitar Name), the current temperature in (Avatars city/town) is 8 degress celcius with a chance of rain. If anyone has ever seen those adult ads that have fake IM popups of available girls in your town, this is how it is done. Yes, it's true - those aren't the girls next door... lol
  9. You can store the avitar name in the database and get the ip address and insert it right along with it with a simple php function. You could also just check the server access logs against the database insertion time stamp.
  10. The streams have allready been covered but there is one other crafty way people gather your IP info. Sometimes I will be out shopping or just hanging around and someone will come up to me and ask me to take an online survey. I would imagine that some of them may be legitimate, but I've had a few that were pretty insistant that I had to do it right away. Avoid opening web pages that are given to you inworld by scripts or residents if you are worried about anyone discovering your IP. A visitor tracker in world that gives out web urls could be used to match up IP addresses to avitars quite easily, as would any mysql database driven inworld application.
  11. Try the 'noprobe' option. Here is the info: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Client_parameters
  12. Is the time and date set correctly on your computer? What about your timezone? If you are running windows can you sync to time.windows.com (depending on the version you are running this may be the default time server), or do you get an error stating that you can't sync? When you go to the website (secondlife.com) can you log in there, or do you get a certificate error? If you get a certificate error there will be an indicator which when clicked on will have some option to allow you to install the certificate, and/or the certificate authority. If there is an error install the certificate (and authorize the cert authority) and try logging in with the viewer again. If you can't log into any https://website then your may have a problem making secure connections alltogether on your system. Also make sure you don't have any security software that is blocking the connection. Good Luck.
  13. The only thing I find useful about inspecting avitars (as oposed to attachments) is that it makes them rez immediately - i.e. it puts them at the top of the list of things to rez in the environment you are in.
  14. poke at this: http://www.jontodd.com/2006/08/10/php-session-cookie-multiple-domains/ Since Xstreet is a totally different domain name, I'm not even sure it's possible to have your session carry over from secondlife.com.
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