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Startup Capital / Investors

Lillani Lowell

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To who may be interested .....

I am looking for someone interested in providing start-up capital by investing in a project idea I have in mind that I believe would work well within the Second Life environment, especially given the upcoming features. 

Inworld, I am Lillani Lowell, creator of the Dictatorshop and LockGuard protocol; a serious, long term (about 6 years) resident (premium member/island owner) of Second Life. I am well known in my field, my products are long standing, robust, and often raved about in reviews..... I am a scripter, mesh builder, texture artist, animator, with a number of useful talents..... and if you know anything about my reputation for succeeding in selling and marketing whatever I create then you know I am serious about this project I have in mind. Feel free to look me up, my products, Google my history, whatever. :)

That said, I have been out of Second Life for awhile exploring RL business opportunities and other virtual worlds to see what they have to offer and it has given me an interesting perspective on virtual economies, gaming, player motivation, business, and most importantly, profit generation in virtual environments.

But now, I am back, and interested in re-integrating myself and what I've learned from other environments with what I know of Second Life.

Of course, ideas in the scope of what I have in mind take two things (a) time and (b) money. I am looking for someone to back my time and ideas with venture capital so that I may focus solely on the production and evolution of my project over the next six months (hopefully less, but I'm being realistic here).

I am willing to invest my full time, energy, and skillset into the success of this project ..... but, I am looking for a serious financial partner willing to invest the amount of capital required to make my vision a success story. Please note, I am only willing to share the gist of my idea with potentially serious investors; and such relevations will be done ~only~ via real world communications. Keep in mind, this is an idea I have solid faith that can work within the Second Life environment, but as always, there are no sure fire bets when it comes to virtual life. Should we find success, I will split all net profits with my financial partner to the tune of 75/25 (in favor of the investor) until they've been paid back their initial investment x 2.... at which time, their role in the project ends unless they wish to continue funding expansion. If we don't find success, then we're all out of luck (that's the cold hard truth), but as I said, I have solid faith that this project could be very profitable if developed correctly.

I am looking for someone who can potentially invest between $15,000 and $20,000 over the next 3-6 months to cover my time, startup costs (such as islands setup, tier, etc), and an additional 3D artist or two. 

Are you interested?

Let's talk.

-- Lillani Lowell



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Hi, outtaspace.

It's USD.

L$ 20,000 wouldn't go very far, hehe. 

Though, as of this afternoon, I've managed to put together a few unique ideas which I think can boost my SL revenue to the amount I need to cover my startup costs without an outside investor; it would just take an additional 3-5 months to reach where I want to be startup wise. 

Linden Lab is giving us such wonderful tools to work with, I can't help but throw myself back into the fray. :)



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I would rather deal with someone who is invested and involved in Second Life.

Preferably, someone else, who like me, has made their living in Second Life and understands the virtual environment, micro-payments, and Second Life itself.

Plus, what I'm interested in developing is purely for profit generation, not to benefit users. So, there's a very good chance for a high return.

That said, I may very well have what I need to go it on my own very shortly! :)


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3863 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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