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  1. I make and sell books in sl and want a vendor that can display both portrait and landscape textures and switch between an unlimitted number of items via arrows or some such thing. I'd rather not spend 3k on CasperTechs stuff. I don't mind if it's just scripts and I have to assemble it myself, well worth saving that many lindens. Please reply or IM me with suggestions/links.: )
  2. I have this library and I have been housing it in various places for the last 6 months, but I can't build up a following if the owners keep making me move sims. I need a consistant place. I am willing to pay but only if it meets my needs enough that it's worth picking over a themed sim such as book Island. I have a VERY unique Library system here and a build to go with it if someone has land they want to house it on and potentially become an SL destination.
  3. I have created a to scale replica of the original Library of Alexandria (With potential Shop Space, as well as a working, one of a kind library system to makie actually function as a real in-world library. The library itself takes up about one whole Premium Sandbox, which I believe equals one whole region. i want to use these creations to make a featured destination within Second Life. However, I do not have the land or the finances to purchase the land. I was hoping there was someone out there that had the land and wanted something like this to occupy it. I'd be willing to show any interested parties the building and library system in question. I figure we could work out further details in person. Contact me, Usive Resident in world if interested.
  4. I am looking for a scripter for a simper script edit. I will pay a small ammount for your services, IM Usive Resident in world for more details
  5. LMAO, you seriousely paud 18,500L for that? Man, if you'd shopped arround more that wouldn't have happened, I never have, nor never will get screwed liike that. Big purchases I always inspect in world first.
  6. I am working on a project, and am in need of a script that when placed inside one prim of a linked object, and that prim is touched, it gives a dynamic multi-page menu of titles, corresponding to URLs in notecards, such as www.google.com=Web Browser. When a url is selected, I need it to set that at the media url of the OTHER connected prim, likely the master prim. I am willing to pay, but would prefer public domain scripts (probably slightly altered will be neccessary) if possible. I will give a free version of what I am making, once it is finished, to anyone that helps me for free. I have found a full perm script for sale that I think could be modded to suite my needs, here is the link [03:18] Usive: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/URL-Menu-Script-box/3213344 Please IM me, PM me, or both for further details
  7. I am looking to hire a scripter for a very specific job. I have a working model made already, but have some unacceptable bugs in it. I am looking for someone o make me a fully working version. Examples of your previous work are preferred and move you to the top of the list. Also, a price range helps as well. Message me here (preferably), or in world for further details and negotiations.
  8. I am the proud owner of Eden of the East. In my yer in SL I hav made a number of products, with a pretty high success rate. I am currently looking at doing a new project. I already have a working model, it just has some unacceptable bugs in it. I will be able to show the scripter EXACTLY what I want. And expect exactly that. I am willing to pay for this job, but those wishing to try and rip me off with figures like 40,000 Lindens won't even get the dignity of a reply I know the basic ins and outs of scripting pretty well, if you are an amature I will be able to tell and will simply be frustrated that you wasted my time. If you do well, it is likely you will be offered fuure jobs, and I tend to give bonuses of sorts to scripters I really come to depend on as well if the product does well. If interested please message me here or in world for further details.
  9. Yes, because the system is for resale, and thus needs to be opporable via hud for perm reasons
  10. Yes, the textures are full perms, I made them : p I compared the textures I made with the ones I have that work in world and made corrections so that they matched up pixel wise and demensionally. When I am trying to apply these textures, I am not wearing the eyes They are rezzed on the ground, along with the hud that is supposed to apply the texture. And yes, I will let you know if I figure it out. I am going to try a different viewer and some other possibilities that might be contributing for some reason or another.
  11. All you need is a texture anim script, which I know exist for free online because I've used them before. There are 2 kinds. Ones that cycle through the textures in a prims contents, and ones that display portions of a larger texture (these ones are used to inhibit the texture rez time on each image change, as the whole picture is already rezzed. Something Like this: default { state_entry() { llSetTextureAnim( ANIM_ON | LOOP, ALL_SIDES,2,2, 0.0,4.0,3.2 ); } touch_start(integer total_number) { llSay(0, "Touched."); } }
  12. I made some prim eyes and, whenever I use a texture I buy off the market on them, it works, but whenever I apply a texture that I created, it won't apper... But it'll appear on a cube prim.... I'm confused and frustrated. Someone please help me. I'll give you a free copy of some one of a kind eyes once they are done if you can help me get past this problem.
  13. Here is the script as is: //use your desired texture UUID //say in chat hide or show key hide="34fc26a7-6cb4-1300-a90f-d99214fd7801"; key show="dc356179-726d-36fe-496b-3edd6bdabbfe"; default { state_entry() { llListen(0,"","",""); } on_rez(integer param) { llResetScript(); } listen(integer c, string n, key k, string m) { if(m=="show") llSetTexture(show,ALL_SIDES); else if (m=="hide") llSetTexture(hide,ALL_SIDES); } }
  14. I have an item that speaks a UUID when touched, I want the recieving prim to listen to that same channel, and take what is spoken and apply what it hears as the UUID/Texture that is currently being displayed. How do I do this?
  15. Mmm, nvm, I decided against the color changer in the eyes, I tested it and decided it just doesn't add to it.
  16. Lol, found a possible solution for sale. It looks legit. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/HeZ-R3-Script-30d-with-HUD-Box-retexture-recolor-resize/1515196
  17. OK, lets try that and see how it works... It sounds doable
  18. I have this script for a color picker, and I want to change it so that instead of immediately sending commands to the pre-coded frequency, it lets you pick an frequency/integer (from a menu I am thinking) that you would like to use. Or maybe even which frequencies out of multiple you'd like to use. and THEN sends the commands to the frequencies you have chosen. I believe line 92 is about where the change needs to be made. Here is the script in question. // HSL Color Picker (1-prim) // by Bjorn Nordlicht // // COLOR PICKER SCRIPT // // // This is a 1-prim HSL color picker, it works much like // the built-in color picker in SecondLife edit window. // // HSL (hue-saturation-light) is another way of describing // colors apart from RGB (red-green-blue), which is what // LSL functions such as llSetColor require. // // Usage: // 1. Drop TRANSFORM and this script into desired prim. // 2. Touch HS plane to select your color // 3. Touch L axis to select lightness/darkness // 4. The picker will say color on CMD_CH // 5. Modify script and prim as needed // integer HS_PLANE_FACE = 2; integer L_AXIS_FACE = 4; integer CMD_CH = -1024; vector HSL = <0.0, 0.0, 0.5>; //Set new color and (optionally) preview new_hsl_color(vector color) { //llSetColor(hsl_2_rgb(<color.x, color.y, 0.5>), L_AXIS_FACE); llSay(CMD_CH, (string)hsl_2_rgb(color)); llSleep(0.1); } //Wrap value to between 0 and 1 float scale_f(float f) { if (f < 0.0) { f += 1.0; } else if(f > 1.0) { f -= 1.0; } return f; } //Calculate RGB from (t, p, q) float rgb_color(float c, float p, float q) { if(c < 0.166667) { return p+(q-p)*6*c; } else if(c >= 0.166667 && c < 0.5) { return q; } else if(c >= 0.5 && c < 0.666667) { return p+(q-p)*6*(0.666667 - c); } else { return p; } } //Convert HSL color to RGB color vector hsl_2_rgb(vector color) { float p; float q; vector t = <scale_f(color.x + 0.333333), scale_f(color.x), scale_f(color.x - 0.333333)>; if (HSL.z < 0.5) { q = color.z * (1 + color.y); } else { q = color.z + color.y - (color.z * color.y); } p = 2*color.z - q; return <rgb_color(t.x, p, q), rgb_color(t.y, p, q), rgb_color(t.z, p, q)>; } default { state_entry() { //Initial color //new_hsl_color(HSL); } touch_start(integer n) { integer face = llDetectedTouchFace(0); if(face == HS_PLANE_FACE) { //HS plane vector v = llDetectedTouchST(0); HSL = <v.y, 1.0 - v.x, HSL.z>; new_hsl_color(HSL); } else if(face == L_AXIS_FACE) { //L axis vector v = llDetectedTouchST(0); HSL = <HSL.x, HSL.y, v.y>; new_hsl_color(HSL); } else if(face == -1) { //TOUCH_INVALID_FACE ~ outdated viewer llInstantMessage(llDetectedKey(0), "Please update your viewer to use this color picker :P"); } } touch(integer n) { integer face = llDetectedTouchFace(0); if(face == HS_PLANE_FACE) { //HS plane vector v = llDetectedTouchST(0); HSL = <v.y, 1.0 - v.x, HSL.z>; new_hsl_color(HSL); } else if(face == L_AXIS_FACE) { //L axis vector v = llDetectedTouchST(0); HSL = <HSL.x, HSL.y, v.x>; new_hsl_color(HSL); } } }
  19. Basically I am wondering how a color changer like the one in this product would be scripted. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Customeyes/3530274
  20. Maybe... I am hesitant but might be inerested...
  21. I am a creator that likes taking on side projects like this. And I am pretty good at photoshop, especially if you can provide images as a starting point. IM me with the details in world with the details so I can tell you for sure.
  22. I am a builder in SL and have fairly good incom from the marketplace, I am not unskilled. I am just bored I guess and wanting to learn new skills and meet new people.However, I am aware that getting into some realms of SL society require connections and trainining. If you feel like taking a creative builder shoot me an IM and/or post a reply here.... IDK what I want to do. I'm good with photoshop and building.... Maybe something with art, photography, or modeling. Hell, if I got lucky enough to get a mentor in it I'd love to pick up scripting beyond the little ability I have in it. But yeah. Please, If you can make my SL experience more enlightening, just send me an offer.
  23. I am a builder and saw yoy had no replies... I usually like a picture of what you want, or at least close... I might take the job. IM me and we'll figure it out.
  24. I hired a scripter for a project of mine. And while they did a good job, There are a couple of additions I decided I wanted, and the original scripter is to busy to help me at the moment. I am open to making more the the one or two improvements if you are capable and see a way of improving the product more. The terms of this job are that I have full perms and full rights to the script, you are not allowed to duplicate said product or script for sale. My rights to the script do not expire. As this project is already largely finished, unless you can offer significant improvements, I am not going to pay the same as for a full project, nor am I going to pay outlandish rates. I know what is fair and what is robbery, I also know a good scripter from a bad one, so please don't waste my time. Examples of your work are reccomended. I will not pay untill I am satisfied with your work. Should you want validation that I am honorable and will indeed pay, I can give good references from one or two scripters I have contracted before.
  25. Thank you guys, and RL you are one of the most helpful people in SL, You never cease to amaze me : )
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