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Tips for a newbie?


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hello im new to second life amd i was wondering if you have any tips on how I can fully enjoy this virtual world. I would like to have some tips on how to build,script, get a job(no stripping,modeling, any thing out of the rated G area, etc.) change my avatar, and anything else that might be helpful. I really appreciate it videos and guides would be nice but i would also like to here your own tips from your experiences. Thank you very much! :)


BTW here are some questions i have:

1. does second life allow ppl that only play in the G rated area to have jobs or own land and if so how do i own land and get a job

2. best ways to make money


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Welcome to SL and the forum!  As with all new residents, you may have many questions.  My personal suggestion is that you take a bit of time to explore and look around first.  There are many video learning tools you can see if you check your Dashboard web page (look for video tutorials midway down the right column on your Dashboard).  There are also many questions that have already been asked in the Answers forum (look above at the tabs here on the far left for Answers).

There are many free classes on building, scripting, and making things like clothing.  Just search in classifieds for 'Building classes', etc.

Yes, you can own or rent G-rated land and work on a G-rated sim.  Look in the Commerce forum under Wanted for some listed jobs.  Spending some time exploring may give you a better idea what you might wish to do in SL.  You are not limited to doing just one thing, though.

Everyone wants to make money, of course!  Some do it by making things and selling them.  Others, have a skill they use to make money.  Many buy Lindens via the Exchange (also on your Dashboard) as that is often the quickest way to get money to spend inworld.

However, you do not need to spend money if you do not want to.  There are many freebie shops that will provide you with many free items.  You also have different outfits (entire avatars) in your Library.  Spend some time exploring the contents of your Library (in your Inventory) and see what you have there.  Good luck!

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#1 Yes, Second Life "allows" people with a General Maturity Rating to have Jobs and own Mainland or rent Land in Regions Rated General and in some cases, Regions rated Moderate, but not in Adult Regions. To enter Adult Regions you would have to change your Maturity Rating.

#2 Earn the money outside of SL and purchase L$. Then, use those L$ to invest in your SL and in your ideas to provide a product or service to other Residents in SL. 

Many Residents import a talent or skill they possess outside of Second Life, some Residents discover a talent they never knew they had.

Everything you need to know about SL, will be known when you need to know it. Set a creation goal and learn 20 ways how Not to make a boat or a house or item of your interest.

You cannot change SL; you can only influence it.

Youtube has hundreds of Second Life Video Tutorials, Look for videos from Torley Linden, He's an employee at Linden Lab (Makers of Second Life). His videos are Awesome, very accurate and usually G rated. Second Life also has a Youtube channel and Video Tutorials here at the Forum in the Knowledge Base.


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Here are some tips that may help you

How do you get Lindens in Second Life? Summary 2012


Content creation   Build, Script , Videos


What do we do in Second Life?



The only limitation from a G rating is that you can't go to a the sims with other  ratings.  You can buy land and hold jobs in the G rated areas.   But there may be fewer jobs in G areas.




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Everyone else already gave you links, but I'll give you a few tips.

Exlpore-that's the very first thing you should do. Explore the grid. Randomly pick places(some choose destination guide, but me, personally, I just do random word searches and start tp-ing around places, great way to visit lesser known sims or places I've never been before). But not only should you explore the grid itself, but also explore all your viewer options. Take a look at your edit/build menu, and learn how to use it's features. Take a look at your preferences and familiarize yourself with all of your menus, buttons, etc..etc.. This is going to take time. Don't expect to know it all in a day, a week, a month. I've been here for years and still learn new things everyday.

Honestly I would avoid some of the "help" places, because they do tend to draw some of the worst folks, they won't help you any on your journey, trust me on that one. But there are some really cool sims to visit, places that can teach you how to build, how to use voice, how to use just about everything. Nothing will be a better learning tool than hands on experience though. Don't be afraid to mess things up, look like a noob or break something. We ALL do it. I still do it. Anyone that says otherwise is full of it :P This is how we all learn.

If you have some fav destinations in the real world, you can search sl to see if they exist here too. I'm pretty sure the Africa sim(s?) still exist, but I'm not inworld to check. That place is awesome(you can even ride zebras around to explore, or take a hot air balloon ride which gives a guided tour). There's the grand canyon, which is pretty cool too. I like going there every now and then just for kicks. Lots of places like that in sl. Botanical gardens(that's still around, I think, I hope) is really pretty. Hubby and I like visiting zoos and museums. Granted we act like five year olds and we touch everything, sit on things you probably shouldn't and goof off the entire time.. but, it's simply exploring (and we never actually cause harm, or invade the space/experience of others, we are respectful of other guests are around, lol). The tunnel of light was pretty awesome once I got my new(er) system and was able to really see it, but I'm pretty sure it's gone now, bummer. There are other amusement places too, if you like those. They do have actual functioning rides and stuff.

My favorite thing is to just wander though, when I'm not building or working. You just never know what, or who, you'll run into. You can try the destination guide for some popular hangouts, most of them seem to be clubs, some of which are moderate(general) and safe(or should be). But don't be surprised if you don't hit it off right away with everyone in the room. Sometimes it's hard to be the new guy.

Whatever you do, don't give up and walk away, even if you get frustrated. I promise you, it gets better. If ever you need a wandering partner, or even just someone to help you find what you're looking for, you can ALWAYS come to the forums here and ask. Odds are these fine ladies and gents can provide you with every bit of help you need, and then some.


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1. Yes you can get a job. If you can only go in G rated regions then just look for a job in one of those regions.

2. The best way to make money is to learn to make something and sell it. You can open a shop on G rated land or rent shop space from someone. I am not sure about Marketplace. I don't know if you have to be 18 to sell there. I am not saying you are under 18 but just in case.

If you can bring money into the game that's much easier than working in Second Life. Jobs in Second Life are not very easy to find. Most of it is going to be clubs, stripping and adult stuff. If you have a female avatar you can model but I don't know how many people are hiring. Some hire male models too. But a lot of store owners just use their own alts to put on the stands.

Join NCI and take their free classes. Maybe someone can post the NCI website. It has a class schedule. Figure out what you like to make or do and do your best at it. You might make enough money to at least enjoy the game more.

How to change your avatar? Wear a new shape and skin. Find new hair, shoes and clothes. Get a decent AO (how you move.) Wear all that and keep shopping and looking and improving. That's the short version.




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Okay :)

Jenny's tips for general SL happiness.

1. Learn your inventory. Learn how it works. Learn how to change your avatar and all it's clothing layers and attachments from inventory. Learn what the icons mean in inventory and how the menus work.

2. Never set off on an SL excursion without getting your inventory fully loaded. Always stand by and trigger a full inventory load before you do anything else. Your inventory is *you* and everything you make or buy.

3. Inspect the world around you. Right click on everything and everyone. See how buildings are made and how people present their SL lives.

4. Take a few free classes on building, scripting, etc. Donate generously if you can.

5. have fun.

NCI Kuula


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