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Avatar is a cloud and won't rez

Ava Valeeva

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I have two avatars and one remains a white cloud and won't rez. This started today. I've been on SL for 6 years and have had this problem before, but eventually the cloud rezzed.

Because the other avatar works perfectly, I don't think this is a connection problem.

I have tried to rez it in Viewer 2 and in Phoenix.

Rebaking textures does not work.

I viewed a few forum entries and read the Wiki. Nothing I've tried has worked.

Packet loss = 0

HTTP Textures is not checked.

Quality is LOW.

Draw Distance is LOW

Mesh detail is LOW

Bandwidth is at 6400kbps

I removed all attachments and clothes (although it shows no clothes are worn)

I did a search to make the inventory load all items.

I'm on a brand new HP Pavilion G laptop, cable modem and wireless router.

Any other suggestions?


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Hello Ava and welcome to SL Forums. You can try the suggestions at the following link one by one:  http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=bake_fai​l They work for all viewers and it is very possible to work for you also.

However suggestions will not work if:


  1. You have corrupted files saved in your hard disk. If so, you will fix the issue if you delete them and download new files. To do that, delete all contests at the following folder: C: \ Users \ (USER NAME) \ ApplData \ Local \ Secondlife After login back in a quiet sim like Smith, Exeuxoa or Anzere. Stay there under the water, open your inventory type something in search there and wait fetching all your items till the last one. When fetching finishes, try to change outfit choosing choosing one with just the necessary stuff (skin, shape, hair, eyes, pants and shirt) without any attachments. Wait some seconds and rebake your textures with Ctrl+Alt+R. Repeat same process if it is necessary. It will fix your issue.
  2. You have problem with your internet connection. If so, you will fix the problem if you fix your internet connection. You can test your internet speed at http://speedtest.net/ If it is too slow, reboot your modem / router leting it closed for at least 2-3 mins and try again. If you use wireless connection, simply avoid it (it is no recommended for SL) and prefer direct cable connection instead. You can experiment also with your maximum bandwidth until to find the best setting for your system (under preferences --> setup).

Good luck.

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You fix this by searching for "girl next door bald" and wearing it. I have had this problem in the pasta nd reaserach but yet i always ended up having to do character test when this happemned. Then i figured out a better way to fix it by wearing  the girl next door bald. Hope I helped.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4119 days.

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