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  1. I used to be able to post pictures from Snapshot to my Profile Feed. I am also not able to do this anymore. Why?
  2. I deleted the files, read the Bake_Fail page, logged in, replaced my outfit AND MY AVATAR FINALLLY APPEARED! THANK YOU LoveAngeL!
  3. I have two avatars and one remains a white cloud and won't rez. This started today. I've been on SL for 6 years and have had this problem before, but eventually the cloud rezzed. Because the other avatar works perfectly, I don't think this is a connection problem. I have tried to rez it in Viewer 2 and in Phoenix. Rebaking textures does not work. I viewed a few forum entries and read the Wiki. Nothing I've tried has worked. Packet loss = 0 HTTP Textures is not checked. Quality is LOW. Draw Distance is LOW Mesh detail is LOW Bandwidth is at 6400kbps I removed all attachments and clothes (although it shows no clothes are worn) I did a search to make the inventory load all items. I'm on a brand new HP Pavilion G laptop, cable modem and wireless router. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
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