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Can I set my snapshot to 2500x1292? I have to do it everytime I take the pic in new V3.

Andie Lavender
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Hello Andie. Of course you can do that:

  1. Take a snapshop
  2. Choose "Save to my Computer"
  3. Click "Advanced Options". It is the double right arrow on the top right corner
  4. In the new window below it says "save to my computer" (current window) click the down arrow and choose "Custom"
  5. Unselect "Constrain proportions"
  6. Set Width: 2500 / Height: 1292
  7. Click "Refresh to save"
  8. Change the extension if you want ( .png, .jpg, .bmp)
  9. Save or save as (depending what you want)
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