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  1. I bought lindens on April 30th and now I can't and I'm buying with the same paypal account. And everytime I get this message on my mail: Andie, An attempt to purchase Linden Dollars for your account via the LindeX page on secondlife.com has failed. How can I buy? Thank you
  2. Hi! Few days ago I downloaded the new SL v3 version, and since I'm a blogger I take pics but I've found out this new version sets a size for the photo that it's not the one I want, and once I clic "save to my computer" I can set the size I want BUT I need to REFRESH the photo so I don't really get the shoot that I want. I miss that from last version of this viewer, where I had set the exact size I want and all I had to do was clic save to my pc. Is there any way I can set it and not do it over and over again every single time I take a pic? Please help! Thanks Andie
  3. THANKS to the person that showed how to add or delete buttons, because I find some helpless lol and I finally can bring my snapshot button back!! TY!
  4. I LOVE SL and I've always been a supporter of Viewer 2 and now Viewer 3, BUT who decided to take out the Snapshot button? Am I blind and there's a way to activate it or I have to press Ctrl + Shift + S all the time I want to take a pic??? This is really annoying at least for me
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