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A few questions about lag, statistics, script memory and such

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I am not sure if this is the right place for this, so feel free to move the thread.

Since a week or two the lag on our 3/4 homestead has become horrible, sometimes we can't even tp to our home. I would like to find what exactly is causing this lag. It was much better for a couple of days after our landlord restarted the sim and said that she removed a huge "script collider", the item in question was a scripted couch.

I am well aware that there are running a lot of scripts on our land, and I suspect that this is the main reason for all the issues we encounter.

I don't want to bother our landlord every 2nd or 3rd day to make a restart (and I like to understand things myself as well), so I started to gather informations just to find out that I don't understand most of it (although I call myself techincally skilled).

Answers to the questions below would help to get a better picture of what is going on in out home.

1) What are colliding scripts and how do I locate them?
2) How big is a healthy memory usage of scripts on a homestead?
3) Where do I find detailled explanations for the values shown in the statistics?
4) I used some temp rezzers to save prims and because they look nice, can they have a heavy impact on lag?

Since we talk about lag, I am especially interested to understand all the times shown in the statistics window.

Of course, if anybody knows other helpful resources, feel free to let me know :)

Thanks a lot in advance

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The details of script usage on a homestead is sort of a mute point since you share server assets with 3 other sims (the official statement is 4 sims to a server but insiders have told me it 16).

In many cases, open space sims can get laggy without having much of anything on them since they share assets and are often over used.

One quick fix is to reset your sim.  It will often move to a new cluster with less lag.  This is an old trick taught to me by my Concierge but not sure if it's still true though I have no reason to believe its not.

Also consider that you can only run about 4,000 active scripts on a full sim before you start to see lag impact.  On an open space, you need to cut this to 25% or 1,000 though I can run 2,000- 3,000 on mine but it depends again, on who is sharing your server.

And last, temp rezers are lag monsters. One or two will have little impact but you can't buck the system.  The intention is to sell you land for prims.  I would never run more than 2 or 3 temp rezers and even then for small objects and not large builds.

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@ MasoDevotina

I suspect you will find many suffering similar issues, I've seen several postings of this sort recently.

I quote a group IM I was given earlier today, unfortunately I do not have the source information:

" It has been identified that a number of regions (currently estimating 10-15) in our estate have been showing strange performance issues, crashes, failed TP's etc. since sometime last night. An emergency call was put in last night and I've been following up on the list today, some have improved. All data about the sims having issues have been sent to LL and they assure us they are putting their techs on it. I feel that it is probably some shared resource and not local content. I will post an update."

Now this issue suggests that a cluster of servers is in trouble, it may be the local ISP, who knows, but TP has been truly awful today.

As to how many sims of Homestead level are placed on a server I do not know, but with roughly 1250 scripts, and 3000 objects on our Homestead, I can be fairly sure that it is not taxed.

At one point this UK evening...about 1:30pm SLT ish I saw a sim ping spike to 24seconds!!  It was not a local issue and soon after all apparent TD and ping issues went away.

I don't know what is causing it, but I DO know that LL must have some idea and as usual are simply saying nothing.

It is hardly worth my getting annoyed by such things since nothing is ever said officially, but in common with many who enjoy their SL, I find it irritating in the extreme.

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As always be sure to check the Grid Status page.

[postED 10:08AM PDT, 25 October 2011] We are aware of a problem that causes regions to go offline more frequently than normal. Our developers were alerted to the issue over the weekend and continue to work around the clock towards a solution. We understand how disruptive this is to your inworld experience. If your region is offline, please go to your support portal and submit a case using the following types: “Land & Region” > “Report an Offline Region”. This queue is being closely monitored to ensure the fastest turnaround possible. We will post an update as soon as we have more information on resolution.

Something happened late in the week that started to cause problems. We have no information yet as to what is going on, or I haven’t seen it.

You can find out more about what is happening with scripts here: SL Scripting News.

There is news about Second Life Servers here.

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Thank you all for the information, I guess we just have to wait until it gets better then and LL has fixed the issue.

Meanwhile I found some explanations in the wiki for the statistics window, which helped me to understand a bit better what is actually happening on our homestead.


Maybe others find the information there helpful as well.


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@ Nalates

Only a liitle whinge:  it took 10 hours of that issue before the comment arrived on the grid status page.  Linden Lab knew there was an issue long before the posting appeared.

However, to be fair to Linden Lab, I guess they needed to be sure there actually was a problem with their system before they posted.:smileyindifferent:

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