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  1. Hi Jenna In case this is still available, I'd like to buy it. I sent you a message here in the forum as well as inworld. Thanks
  2. Exactly what I notice here on mainland at Harriot. Walking is difficult, building and editing stuff nearly impossible, and trying to get a menu is not even worth trying. Since the rollout on tuesday (?) performance has dropped rock bottom, restarts (3 by now) helped for a limited time (a couple of hours) until Scripts Run drop down as low as 1% with occasional peaks up to 15%. Before it used to be around 50% with occasional drops to 15%. Currently, with 7 main agents and 13 child agents Time Dilatation occasionally drops as low 0.1, every now and then it goes above 0.95 and is usuall
  3. It's an old post, but I just tried that out. FOV, Focus and Ambiance do not stay when the light switch is toggled, even when used a blank texture for the projector
  4. I got the same issue since yesterday (approx. 20hrs), but only when I use Firefox. With IE everythings works (except that I don't like IE that much, but that's a different story).
  5. I had happen that to me to when my landlord left SL all of a sudden without previous notice. The error message you got when looking up their names points in that direction ... I asked LL to bring up the place (it was a homestead) for a little time to collect all my stuff. They apologized for the inconveniences and brought the homestead back for 24hrs to allow me to pick up my stuff. As for the shop, I recommend you to buy a fitting plot on mainland. I set up my mainshop at a nice place on Zindra, so that I never ever have to worry what a landlord could do next. It happens quite oft
  6. Thanks to the new sign up process where new players don't have to go through the hassle to choose a second name the rate of people that go through is much higher. Aren't we glad that LL was able to compensate that, and new users are gone for good once they have entered the world?
  7. Today it worked, I was able to add related items in the usual manner, exactly same setup as before. Thanks for the answers anyway
  8. @Deja: It worked for the other approx. 100 items I put in the shop, what has changed is my OS (XP before, Win7 now), and I updated my browser to the newest firefox. Guess I have to try other browsers as well, then I'll see @Ry0ta: Well, I used to click on related items and from there I either searched for specific items or did choose one from the list, now I can do neither of it, I just got a plain white pop up with an inactive search box. I got about 100 items listed and sell them, so that's not the problem. @Sassy: Well, besides that specific issue I mentioned, yes, the user interface cou
  9. So, after a while I started to upload more products from my inworld shop to the marketplace and after a bunch of error messages together with an apologize each time I was fianlly able to edit the products I uploaded from my outbox. I takes a while, but I am used to it. What really annoys me is that I am not able to choose related products, as soon as I open that link nothing more happens. I sell stuff on virtual marketplaces in RL as well, and they got their share of my income as well, but unlike LL they provide me with an interface that works. And if it doesn't, it is usually fixed within a d
  10. Freya Mokusei wrote: Marcus Hancroft wrote: They mean nothing to me and I don't want to see them. This is the problem. Yep, and so I am called by a name I don't really listen to ...
  11. mmm, in my case it's the opposite, the memories started to smell bad in the last few weeks, so I'm more than happy to get rid of it ...
  12. No, I didn't file a support ticket yet, but if that's the only way to go I will do so. Thanks for answering
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