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Dual Land?

Puck Rickenbacker


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Hi, @Puck Rickenbacker! So Whimsy is quite correct, but I thought I'd add some additional information.

Land in SL consists of Mainland, and Private Estates. You have to be a Premium (or Premium Plus) member to own Mainland, although you can RENT Mainland from another Resident without a Premium membership. Anyone can lease a parcel from a Private Estate owner.

Your Premium membership allows you to own up to 1024 sq. m. of Mainland without having to pay a monthly land fee to LL. (This increases to 2048 sq. m. with Premium Plus). You can, of course, own more Mainland than this, but you'll pay a monthly fee if you own more than that 1024 sq. m.

Linden Homes come in 512 and 1024 sq. m. parcel sizes. Your Linden Home counts against your Mainland allowance. If your home is one of the 512 types, you can buy another 512 parcel elsewhere on the Mainland, and still not have to pay a monthly fee.

Aside from Linden Homes, if you get other Mainland, you do have to pay a one-time purchase fee to the current owner of the parcel. Your Premium benefit applies only to the ongoing monthly land fee (also often called "tier").

Private estates are completely separate from Mainland and Linden Homes. You can make whatever arrangements you want with an estate owner, for as much land as you like, and it has zero impact on your Linden Home, your Mainland ownership, or any land fees you're paying (or not paying) to LL.

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