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  1. One on me. Early on I learned to build houses and that was my passion. We rented on a private island at that time and the owner gave me a sandbox to build in. Several friends came by while I was building and I was trying to talk and build at the same time and somehow removed all my clothing. Finally someone told me and I was mortified. I'm telling them to turn around while I was panic going through my inventory to get clothes on. That was back when I'd build a hidey spot to change in because I didn't think about anyone being able to cam in, and really I was being overly modest. One that was funny in concept but I felt horrible about later. It was back when there were a lot of griefers and male avi's would constantly proposition any female av. I lived on mainland then so it was annoying. So I built a clear box, set it about 10 meters up, made a TP that said Free Sex and waited. Until a newb female clicked on it and panicked not knowing how to get out and she had to log off. I felt so bad I took down the prank box and TP. Just about the time that Linden Labs did something about the griefers, I got fed up and got a freebie giant ***** and thought next time I'm harassed I'll attach it and say "That's not a *****, THIS is a *****". Sigh, I never got the chance, but I keep that stupid thing in my inventory to this day. Thanks for this thread and the old memories. PS. Looks like we can't refer to male junk here. In proper terms. Oops and LOL.
  2. Oooh, thank you! And thanks for a quick response.
  3. Oh, So I can't pick a particular abandoned home?
  4. Okay, y'all, coming in lazy as I didn't read the whole thread. How do I claim a new Linden Home after I abandon my current one? I read you have to register for another Linden Home, but *how* is what I am not finding an answer to. Help?
  5. Puck Rickenbacker

    Dual Land?

    I have a Linden home that I want to keep. I would also like to 'purchase' a bit of land on a private island. Can I do that without losing my Linden home if I'm getting the other land from a private owner?
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