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Land issues?

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I'll make this short and simple: No. Do not deign to tell someone who specifically did things as you're suggesting that they did it wrong.

You had your Limit Buy filled within minutes? That's nice! Doesn't always work that way and won't always work that way - that's the reality.

If such has changed over the years, also lovely. Don't really care - I'm not looking to penny pinch that much and quite frankly if you're looking to penny pinch over L$ transactions while paying a fair sized Tier rate? You might want to reexamine your priorities.

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18 hours ago, Jaylinbridges said:

LOL - Ok Everyone who uses the Instant Buy option please respond to my comment!

It is still not clear why you cannot wait a minute or two and save a few dollars.  Were you being robbed at gunpoint, and they gave you 30 seconds to cough it up or they shoot?


I usually buy U$30-40 at a time and I always use instant buy because the saving is not a few dollars in a few minutes. The current saving on a $30 purchase is L$300 in 16 hours. It's simply not worth it to me, to wait that long for such a tiny amount. And there's no guarantee the transaction will ever take place at the requested rate at all. I have tried Market Buy once, and after a few days of failed transactions, the only one that actually went through successfully was the one listed at the same rate as Instant Buy. So I ended up with the same amount of L$ for the same cost in US$ and wasted 4 days getting it.

I could understand the desire to use Market Buy if you're buying bigger amounts. On a purchase of US$250 you're getting an extra L$2500 in 16 hours. That might be worth waiting for. But there's still no guarantee you'll get it.

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10 hours ago, Maitimo said:

The current saving on a $30 purchase is L$300 in 16 hours. It's simply not worth it to me, to wait that long for such a tiny amount.

Sure I understand it's not that much.  But if you Buy out of the market as  Malin and I suggested, you will never have to wait 16 hours.  That would mean there were no sellers of Lindens for 16 hours, or Tillia was offline.  When you have the best Buy price above everyone else, the market software always executes your order at that price, FIFO, first.  As  my actual real-time fill list shows, Tillia buys and sells dollars for Lindens and vice versa every minute or less.  Given that SL is worldwide, there is always someone awake that needs to buy or sell with the Tillia exchange.  So 16 hours just is not possible unless the world crashed for that long, in which case we would probably all be dead. 

It took 1 min and 13 seconds to fill my $256 USD Sell Limit order with 13 smaller Buy orders.  I have my Tillia history that goes back several years that always shows the same activity.  The fills that took a little over a minute started around 1800 SLT in my example.  The smaller your Buy amount, the quicker it will get filled when you force the system to pick you first.

If you buy with a non dollar currency, I don't see why there would be any extra delay.  If a Market (instant) Buy works for you, than a Limit Buy should also work without any time delay.

Note they estimate the time as 10 minutes for a Limit Buy here.  If I went through with this order, the actual time to execute would be less than one minute at 0500 SLT.  I am not going to buy Lindens, since I have zero reason to pay the fees just to demonstrate that this works.  Perhaps someone from the UK or Europe needs to buy lindens and can check how long it takes, when you enter 248 as your Buy price. :)



To Buy quickly use $248 - if you use $249 you might need to wait 10 mins instead of 1 minute.

To Sell quickly use $242 - you will get filled in under 2 mins.  

So to repeat, if you set your Limit Order price correctly, you will not have to wait.  

As far as the usual suspects refusing to believe this, pfft. 



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