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That appears to be a new Twitter account they set up for music lovers. It's not that surprising that it hasn't been updated since May 25th as there could feasibly not have been any music news to report in that time (it's only 10 days!) However, if that was maintained by Blondin, then I guess it may not get updated any more :(

If you did happen to want to use Twitter for SL news though, there are a number of offical LL accounts that are used regularly which you can find here:


@SecondLife is the main one that is used regularly and definitely worth following.

@SLGridStatus is goof for grid staus updates (obviously!)

@slmerchants unfortunately seems to have been neglected, but I guess the marketplace team are busy working on Marketplace stuff. I'd quite like that one to be used as well as other merchant comms channels though!

@my_secondlife is good for profile related stuff

@SLBallyhoo used to be the most used account, but that seems to be neglected now too. 

@workinginworld was Amanda Linden and worth following

@rodvik is the CEO and worht following if you want it from the horses mouth! (he tweets quite a lot)

@bk_linden is the COO &CFO but has gone a bit quiet lately

@torley is our lovable Torley Linden (note - he uses this more as a personal account so don't necessarily expect official SL news, although he obviously does Tweet about SL things too!)

All, of course, assuming you want to use Twitter. You are not forced to before anyone goes off on one about that! These Twitter accounts aren't the main communication channels and whatever they tweet is almost always commincated on the blogs, forums, user groups, inworld groups etc too!


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Ossian wrote:

LL doesn't use Twitter much. The official feeds are not updated very often.

You'll get more SL-related news from other users.

If you search for #SecondLife (which is a tag) you'll see plenty.  In fact, you'll need to filter stuff out

(which you do with minus signs, like in Google).

Agreed. That is indeed the best thing about Twitter and why I use it - to get SL related news, blog posts, opinions etc from people whose opinion i respect.

I would, however, say that it is worth following at least some of the offical LL Twitter accounts as some of them are reasonably active and, as I have a Twitter tool in my Chrome browser, I often see popups of important SL news when I'm generally browsing the web that I wouldn't otherwise see unless I happened to be reading the SL forums.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4563 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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