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Inveterate traveler wants to know: when automatic map landing point is private with ban lines


This is not a problem for me, because when I use the world map to pick a region to visit,  I've learned to look for a road or some place public before TPing. But it's probably an irritant for the poor landowner who gets a stream of unwitting tourists -- like I used to be -- who accept whatever the map suggests as a landing spot.  Is this a non-issue for everyone but the landowner? Is there anyone who wants to know this is happening? If so, who?

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Unless the landowner has defined a landing point, you should land wherever the target circle on your map view is located.  If you haven't clicked at a specific spot on the map to create a target circle but have just entered the target region name, your default landing spot should be <128,128,20>, at the region center (unless whoever owns the land at that point has redirected traffic elsewhere).

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