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b my friend...pls

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hello  ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ♡˚ . ✦ ·


i'm honey. (ravenclaw23) i've been in sl for a while but i still feel like a baby here, there is so much to learn. i am a creator and owner of a store. i reallllly want to make friends. some one to voice with, explore sims with, teach each other new things, share common interest, get to know, maybe one day meet up?!@!#1 and possibly help my with my store. 

some things i like : lowercase letters, kpop, japanese culture, art, sarcasm, being dyslexic, shopping, tattoos, anime, exploring, boobies, and other things - be my friend to find out 

heres me ig

( i went viral on tiktok once.....idk pls be my friend)


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