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I'm Cheap And Easy!

Clarissa Lowell

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Now that I have your attention...hehe. Don't worry, it's a fashion thread!  :)

Let's put together a fabulous look from head to toe, spend as little as we can, and post the results here.

While putting together a look, I thought, there are so many things here that cost so little. I wonder if people know how easy it is?  

CHEAP and EASY.  That's the theme for this topic. How to be cheap, but not LOOK it.  Here goes!


Summer Shape in Cheapie Stuff 1 sm.pngAnd how to get it all:

SHAPE - Free Shapes by Clarissa - Summer shape and eyebrow shaper - Free



SHORTS - Fishy Strawberry Beat Collection - shorts outfit - past 50L Friday (?) 50L (I think. :) )

2 free clothes gifts by doorway right now are adorable - and FREE



HAIR - booN hair TOM245 blonde - 280L for a pack of 3 colors (Ok not so cheap but you gotta splurge sometimes!)



EYES - =cm= catmonster - SAAGA eyes - rust (Brown) - 60L



SKIN - Mother Goose's - Abigail winter - female skin - lucky board - Free


(they also have a 1 Linden area with many skins & more)



TOP - Kyoot - Sunday girl shirt - Blossom - 50L at past 50L Friday (still out, misc colors)



SHOES - In Her Shoes yellow sneakers - free

(everything there is free, men's and women's shoes)



YOUR TURN!  This doesn't have to be perfect. IF things are past gifts or sales that is OK, just give the pic and SLurl so people get a taste of what each place has to offer. This is for fun and to show how easy it is to be CHEAP and still look good.  :D

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Hello Clarissa. Nice topic. This pic doesn't show exactly my avatar but it is a good idea, especially for new users how they can create a very good avatar almost for free:



Shape: Free H2 Zane Shape


Skin: Free Inka Layla Skin with Makeup 1


Eyes: PBC - Kate Eyes Blue - gift


Outfit and underwear: Devicious Free - Hardline


Hair: FREE ( Curious Kitties ) Nyanotech 09-2B Hair - Liyac V2


Shoes: N-core Sense XtremeHeel - Group Gift (no available more)


Red nails: Piercing dollarbie Red Nails - 1 Linden


So everything you see in the pic, costs just 1 linden (for nails). You can find all other stuff (except of shoes) for free. For shoes i am sure that if you try (i speak generally of course) you can find other great offers.

Have fun.

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I did this freebie look almost a year ago. But, I checked that you can still get the skin and boots! Those things cost a lot of money and is hard to find. I was challenging myself to make a male look who should be a bit "different". Good free male stuff is really hard to find, but it gets better!


Newbie style challenge - The White Tigger

Skin, ears, tail & whiskers: White Bane boy neko skin (free from marketplace)
Eyes: Ephemeral Neko, group gift in store
Hair: A&A Dizzy hair 1 L from marketplace (*)
Tattoo: !K&L! Faded tattoo, 1 L from marketplace

Tank: Moloko punk off, free in store
Piercing: (is hardly visible) Safety mouth piercing, also Moloko and free
Pants: Sey Union Cross, groupgift, free in store (*)
Belt: Super Possessed, Alchemist's belt, free in store. Also a plain belt and gadgets I didn't rez in the freebie pack
The red tartan hanging from the belt is also Sey, part of Afghan stall (*)
Boots: Edge Grafica, 1 L from marketplace

Sleeves+armwraps: "Shaman" part of outfit from Lucky Chair in Super Possessed
Gloves under armwrap is a free gift in !KMADD, SF leather gloves
Collar: Manticorp male neko collar, a whopping 10 L!

(*) Hair tinted, the pants edited shorter and the tartan prim is moved to a new attachment point

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squashy Beeswing wrote:

Excellent post, and so so true.  There's no excuse for anyone to look less than fab given all the quality, free stuff we can get our hands on. 

Does the free stuff have to be current, or not?  Idk if i have time to do this, but just checking.  :-)


No, it doesn't have to be current, although it's a bonus if it is still available. I include non-current items on my style cards along with a landmark. My philosophy on this is: Most places that have one gift or hunt will have many more in future. Usually such merchants see this as a good way to bring in and get the loyalty of, future customers. And I think they are right!

Pix and SLurls are very appreciated, though. This way people can see at a glance how great you can look and still be cheap and easy (LOL.) And then they can go get their own  :)


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Wow! That's a great look, and REALLY cheap too! I mean it's basically all free.

I want to impress upon new residents that  you really can have a complete avatar for nothing or next to nothing. There's no reason to stay in the "newbie avatars" as nice as the latest crop are. 

Many places won't hire anyone with a "newbie avatar" so this is important for people who want a Second Life job too.


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Thanks! Male avatars for 'cheap and easy' are appreciated! There is a lot less stuff out there for men, free or not. It's a lot better than it used to be, though. I mean, like a few years ago, even when people really tried, there just wasn't much out there.

He looks great, and is really unique!

These avs are all different and all Cheap and Easy!  Keep them coming everybody!  Thanks for the great posts!!



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This looked like fun so I gave it a try...and while I spent a little more, I am happy with the way my two looks came out! :D

Freebie Lelu1.png


Shape: .:Milkis:. Shape; Monica ($11L)


Skin: Al Vulo – Elena Huntress Sunkissed  Hunt Gift (FREE)


Eyes: .ID. Thank you gift (FREE)


Hair: Exile Nema/mink Mix , The Dressing Room ($60L)


Shirt: Hucci Zebra Burnout Shirt and Bra Subscriber Group
Gift (Free)


Jeans: DeeTaleZ Black Lowrider Jeans ($50L)


Total = $121L


 Freebie Lelu2.png

Shape: .:Milkis:. Shape; Monica ($11L)


Skin: Filthy Skins. :F: Beauty, Tan  Hunt Gift (FREE)


Eyes: .ID. Thank you gift (FREE)


Hair: !Lamb Heart – Honeycomb Roots Subscriber Group Gift (FREE)


Bikini: Kyoot – Day Trip Bikini – Kekova  Fifty Linden Friday ($50L)


Total = $61L

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Yep... I think I will post more male looks, because it's simply more difficult. It's free and cheap stuff for females all over!

For the roleplayer in you....


A good skin for males. What does it cost? 800 L? 1500 L? How about..... 25 L?

Bird Next Door Shinobu skin, silver. Comes with shape and eyes too, not worn. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Karazhan/57/43/21 

Open leather coat, SF design. Free in store. Run, don't walk, because this offer is for May, you don't have many days left. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Penryn/69/81/36

Eyes Poetic Color, freebie in Store, "Moroccan nights"

Hair, hairbase and chest tattoo from MAD hair. The tattoo is found on the freebie wall, top. Take TP to "Freebies".

Tattoo layers: Hairbase (as mentioned abowe) + Coca & Wolf "Bruises + Fangs, The Warehouse. Both 1 L, found on the Marketplace.

Finger Tape: Luck Inc, 1 L

Sword "Fenrirs tooth" Super Possessed, free in store

Necklace: Find Ash, group gift in store. Join group and click board

Pants: Phoenix Rising, 25 L. You can find free black pants too, but these has a better texture than most, and sculpted cuffs.

I could not find acceptable male shoes or boots, so I used the foot parts of J's engineer boots. They are an old freebie and not available. It's possible to use the Edge Grafica boots here too.

Belt: Sey,   group gift in store. Join group and click board



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Oops, looks like this thread is dead? I better post more undead looks. Vampire roleplay in SL has a bad name to many, much because of spam bite requests. Imagine you are an amazing roleplayer. Your carefully typed out plots has brought you to the throne. But your minions look better than you... even the fool has a sexy avatar! But you can't buy much §L... All you have is a few 100 you got in tips when you tried pole dancing before you found this roleplay.



World's End Garden has some impressive gowns. Join the group and get 2 that can be mixed, and 2 fantastic headpieces. They are not new, but they are always new to some, haha. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Heaven%20Lake/69/120/21


The stockings and shoes isn't just your taste, but these boots are only 19L from the marketplace! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PROMO-Vida-02-Black-Boots/1998185

There you find the fishnet leggings https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Curious-Kitties-FREE-Fishnet-Leggings/1828371

and the bloody lips and parted lips, one set is free and the other is only 1L. So far you only spent 20L! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TW-Vamps-Bloody-Mouth-Tattoo/2092937 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/T-Parted-lips-tattoo-layers-free/1829719

And intense vampire eyes? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Lithium-Creation-Husky-Dream-Eyes-Free/1270998

And a good updo for the amazing hat from World's End Garden: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AA-Katie-Hair-Darkbrown-curly-updo-hairstyle-PROMO-OFFER/1995654

All you need now is a skin, and the Dressing room has this Glam Layla grey skin on sale for only 70L http://slurl.com/secondlife/This%20Way/33/156/21  (The contents change twice a month, but it's always at least one female skin on sale there)

The marketplace is a good source to freebies and promo offers. You have to go through a ton of junk to find the good stuff, but it's worth it IMHO. 




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Thanks for the new posts, everyone! :)

Lelu: Wow! Those are two great, creatively shopped looks. And they both look totally different even tho they use the same shape (which is adorable btw.) 50L Friday was great this week, I love that bikini. Thanks for posting it all!

Marianne: Roleplay looks are a great addition to the topic. They look really expensively done. I can hear the flap of bat wings as all the SL vampires race to those shops!

I'll get off my duff after the holiday weekend & post some more too. I promise!

Keep posting everyone. I can't get over the really creative combos!

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