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cant see me outfit


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1 hour ago, Tonia Blaisdale said:

when i wear clothes with alpha hud i dont see anything from my outfit, something i can do about that?


guessing you don't wear the right clothes.. but as you tell nothing about what clothes and what body, there's nothing more than a guess.

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We could really use more details, but with what you've given us I have a couple thoughts.

1. You're wearing system clothes on a system avatar and also wearing an alpha *layer*, which would hide parts of your body and also potentially the clothes. Don't use alpha layers that hide your body if you want to use the system body and clothes.

2. You're wearing a mesh body and the Alpha HUD for it, but trying to wear system/BoM clothes with a non-BoM body. The mesh body hides the system body, so anything you wear directly on the system body will be hidden. This has nothing to do with the alpha HUD; that you're wearing it when this happens is inconsequential. 

For more help, add more detail here by editing your post or commenting. Or feel free to message me inworld, and when I log in I'll try to help. 

Minimal details required: are you wearing a mesh body and which one; what alpha HUD are you wearing (the one for your body?); what clothes are you trying to wear; what symbol is beside those clothes in your inventory (a box, a little shirt/pants symbol, something else?). Pictures, particularly of the worn tab in your inventory, may be helpful.

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