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walking like an old lady

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These types of problems are almost always from something you are wearing... or wore. 

When you ask a question like this, let us know which viewer and version of it you are using. In Firestorm in the top menu Avatar->Avatar Health->Stop Avatar Animations and Undeform Avatar are your first steps to take.

If that doesn't fix it, next is to strip... I mean zero attachments... not mesh body... NOTHING. Do the stop animations and undeform again. 

If that does not fix it do a Select Avatar to get a completely different avatar. If it is bent over... it is support ticket time. You can get one from the Library in inventory or top menu Avatar (Me)->Choose Avatar and select one of the prebuilt avatars. This forces everything about your avatar to change.

Assuming one of these steps fixes it you likely won't have the look you want. Restore YOUR LOOK one item at a time. No adding a 15 item outfit in one click. You can put the outfit on, just do it One Item At A Time. When you find the problem... you'll know what not to wear again.

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On 7/29/2020 at 1:19 PM, YewaSoul said:

Help me please my avatar started to walk curved like it has problem with her back...lol

like an old lady with hands to the back and when she sits as well


I've noticed some animation such as dances can cause a glitch such as this.  Usually a reset of the skeleton will fix it.  It's a new thing with the bento.

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