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  1. Does anyone knoes a resort/hotel.. or sim for family vacations in secondlife- family with kids? thanks in advance
  2. thanks i guess was something i wear... i toke all off and was gone
  3. Help me please my avatar started to walk curved like it has problem with her back...lol like an old lady with hands to the back and when she sits as well https://gyazo.com/b31855ea3d243a70aa3795d2ac5609a6
  4. https://gyazo.com/dfa3b1db98e754ca816a6f51612c77ad
  5. <a href="https://gyazo.com/dfa3b1db98e754ca816a6f51612c77ad"><img src="https://i.gyazo.com/dfa3b1db98e754ca816a6f51612c77ad.png" alt="Image from Gyazo" width="616"/></a>
  6. I thought I was alone... Holds hand with you guys and waits for the solution
  7. Hello... I logged now in firestorm and in sl oficial review.. and found out my lost and found inventory almost empty... a lot of things lost and the thing is ... in firestorm was saying the right amount of my inventory... 59k something... now i get in with the official viewer and is showing 53k something... Can someone help me please??? I did not empty my lost and find folder... Thanks in advance for all answer
  8. i dunno how o use this izzo thing but if you open map and goes up to the mainland where the blakesea is ... is there... the continent looks like bellisseria but has a island infront of it... and a lake where a snake with a crow is(i love this lake)
  9. i saw a new continent with a lot of houses just like bellissseria....
  10. same happen to me all the time ...it is frustating...
  11. You can only describe as a feedback ... something you try and not something you just dislike and do not know as you said!!. Well but you right in one thing I did post it in a wrong place... and with that say I will delet the ad . thank you for make me aware of the deleted post i did not notice it.
  12. Well I guess SL offers a lot of diferent things for diferent kind of people(the amazing thing about we human is that we always find what we are looking for). And you right I offer as much as MY target audience requires. Since there are many others offering other kind of things for the other kind of audience. But I guess you aren't that far away as you mentioned... since you spend time to come and write here.Unless is just a point of geting some attention(what I am giving for free right now ) : ) How about go in the search tab and place exactly what you are looking for (google works too)??? How about to expend your creativity instead of coming and complain about what I have to offer... opening yourself just what your vision wants? (the best way to correct sometzhnig we do not like is to make it better instead of complain!!! If people would stop to complain about what others does....this world would be a bit better!!
  13. Wrong place for this ad ! please delete it
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