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catwa head eye repair


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37 minutes ago, Aaron5573 said:

my catwa head /eyes don't seem right   how do I repair them


as you don't show or tell what they do, it's nearly impossible to give advice.
Have you been playing with your shape?... wearing the fitting eyes?.. wearing non rigged eyes?.. and so on...
You can also always try the catwa usergroups inworld

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Posted (edited)

Catwa CSR here.

As Alwin has already said, your question is so vague that I have no way of knowing what the issue could possibly be. You say it's your "head/eyes" that "don't seem right" so that makes it even more difficult to diagnose. Is it your head, or your eyes, or both?

Without any further information - or knowing exactly which Catwa head you have - all I can offer you to begin with is the following suggestions:

  • Make sure you're wearing the 'start your shape with me' shape that's included in the head's folder
  • Make sure you're wearing the CATWA EYES Rig [*name of head will be here*] that are included in the head's folder

Since your name suggests that you might own a male head, Catwa's male Bento heads are as follows: Daniel, Stanley, Shaheen, Dino, Victor, Skell, Dude, Gac and Travis. If you own any of those, try the above two suggestions, and read this blog post, which was written to help guys get to grips with a Catwa male Bento mesh head.

Lastly, a good, clear, close-up screenshot of whatever issue(s) you're experiencing would also be helpful.

I'll do my best to help you out, but you have to help me to do that by being much clearer in articulating what the problem is :)

Edited by Skell Dagger

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