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A new gaming laptop, help frame rate issues


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If you are asking about which video processor is better... there is lots of debate. However, my opinion is the NVIDIA series have consistently provided better OpenGL support, the graphics software used by SL Viewers. NVIDIA has also consistently responded to OpenGL problems quicker.

Otherwise, AMD/ATI and NVIDIA provide similar graphics performance in SL.

What is IMPORTANT is that you have a graphics processor and not force the CPU to do the render work. When you force the graphics processing into the CPU you generally have to run the viewer between LOW and MID range.

The "amd ryzen 5 quad core" is a CPU the core of the computer. There are 6 variations of the Ryzen 5. The only 4-core is the 2500X running at 3.6MHz. In the Ryzen 5 family the fastest is 3.8MHz. 

The SL viewer is CPU bound. Viewers are multi-threaded but the the render thread is a huge single thread consuming a single core. Which makes CPU speed more important than core-count. So, a 6-core at 3.8MHz would likely just be noticeably better... but still sort of in stopwatch only territory, meaning you might not see the difference. So, cost is the likely deciding factor. Pay $100 more for a 3.8 over a 3.6... not be able to see a difference... personal decision.

A little quick checking shows the 2500X is superseded by the 3500. The 2500X is still sold for US100 to $150. The comparable Intel I5 is the 8400 @ US$150 to $200.  According to benchmarks the 8400 is about 11% faster. That is not much of an edge. Whether that is worth maybe $50 more... is up to you.


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4 hours ago, Nalates Urriah said:


Context clues, laptop with a Ryzen 5 quadcore. Keyword laptop:


Its a ryzen 5 3500U or Pro, or 3550H, or the Ryzen 5 2500/2600 U/H series. All of them come with Vega 8 igp, though the third gen stuff is a bit faster, it’s a very small change and not worth noting.

Most of the options for mobile ryzen APUs are integrated only, with a few using entry level Polaris mobile gpus such as the mobile 560x.

If it has 12gb of ram that’s an indicator it’s a consumer tier laptop, meaning one half of the memory is soldered, usually the 4gb with a slotted 8gb stick in there.

With the context of Ryzen 5 quadcore laptop with 12gb of ram you can pretty safely assume they’re talking about a consumer level non gaming laptop with a 2nd or 3rd gen Ryzen apu, all of which perform similarly, and they’re probably on igp only.

So to answer OPs question, yes. You shouldn’t have any problems with performance with a system like that, it’s not super high end but those mobile apus are a lot more powerful than previous generations of integrated graphics. SL will play fine and dandy on a current gen APU like that.

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