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Automated vehicle?

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First, let me say that I know nothing at all about scripting.  I have a friend that I know could do this for me, but I think I'm to the point of using up all my favors with him.

I am pretty sure this script exists in some form and I've been looking around for a few days but have only found discussions from the early days of SL.

I am looking to have a self driving vehicle similar to the trains, taxis, ski lifts, etc with some minor changes.  In my specific case it would be a small rowboat or gondola that allows 1 or 2 people to sit and one of the sitters would just click a hud with about 3 destinations to start the journey.  All destinations would be in the same SIM.  The boat would follow a specific path to get to the destination.  The boat would be completely self driven with no interaction from the avatars.

I thought that was all I needed but after talking to someone about it, a couple questions came up.

1)  Once the journey starts, I would probably need to rez another boat at the starter location or the next group would have to wait too long for the boat to return.

2) I would probably need to unrez the boat when everyone stood up to reduce clutter.

3) I would probably want an AVSitter menu so that I could add sit poses.

Any ideas on if this already exists or difficult this would be?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, this sort of thing has been done many times, using many different approaches.  You can probably find products in Marketplace or by posting a query in the Wanted forum. You'll want to be able to customize them for your own specific situation, so look for things with scripts that you can modify or at least bolt onto.  If you want to hire a scripter to write something for you, just post in the InWorld Employment forum.

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Oh yes, there are many examples of these kinds of vehicles throughout SL. There's even a wiki page on it. A few that come to mind are

  • Yavapods
  • Transit system in Bay City (boats in the canals, a trolley along the main road, and a few buses/taxis)
  • Trams in the Paleo Quest
  • Various mainland railroad groups

Most of them have the same thing in common: a list of waypoints that they would navigate to through some means. In recent history, the concept of LSL Key Frammed movement has been implemented and is of particular use for these kinds of vehicles as it is a less laggy solution. Really well suited for following set paths that don't change much.

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4 hours ago, Estelle Pienaar said:

I am late and maybe you found already a solution. I have seen just this weekend a really great boat ride and it was created with this coaster creator. You can make your own custom builds with it. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Limited-time-Sale-Coaster-Creator-Log-Flume-Build-your-own/5779572

Wow, thanks for the info.  This seems really close to what I was looking for.

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