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  1. Thank you very much, for making this evident. It is rather poorly explained in the wiki. There are these integers in the example script, but not at all explained in a clear way. However when you said it, I understood it in an instant.
  2. I have a little script that should perform a function when the left mouse button is clicked. However, no matter how quickly I try to click the left mouse button, the control event is triggered at least 3 times per qulick. If I keep the left mouse button pressed down, I get an even greater amount of triggered events. How can I change my code, so that the control event will only be triggered once per mouse click? key ownerK; default { state_entry() { ownerK = llGetOwner(); } attach(key id) { if (id) { if (id !=
  3. I would definately support a feature request. However it would probably be more usefull if LL would fix pathfinder. Then the "fix" to raycasting your NPCs way would probably not be (as) necessary.
  4. Thanks a lot, animats. The objects didn't have physics shapes. Riddle solved!
  5. Hi everyone, I am playing around with llCastRay. Trying to script a melee system with NPC oponents. That's why animesh objects would need to be detected. But llCastRay seems not to be able to detect animesh objects? The following script is in a weapon that the avatar is holding. The ray is cast from the avatar (to the direction the avatar is facing) four meters forward. It works for all objects. But it does not detect animesh objects. key ownerK; default { state_entry() { ownerK = llGetOwner(); llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS);
  6. A question: Do you use llEscapeURL for all data which is sent to php? If you don't use it and the data contains a letter or an expression that is forbidden or reserved in PHP or SQL, then the script will fail and the data will not be added to the database.
  7. Originally there was no force sit function with experiences. It was only added several months later by the Lab. They probably just haven't updated the permissions dialogue...
  8. Yes, I think scripters tend to forget quite quickly how hard it is for absolute beginners (especially if they have no previous experience with other scripting languages) to find really exhaustive descriptions on how to tinker with the basic LSL functions. I have bought this as an e-book and it has helped me a lot: https://www.amazon.com/Scripting-Your-World-Official-Second/dp/0470339837 Even if some info is outdated, it gives a quite exhaustive introduction and not just some snippets here and there that you need to puzzle together yourself. However if you have been able to make sense of t
  9. EDIT: Oops, I haven't seen that Quie answered in the meantime. Too late to delete... I think what Qie wanted to communicate to you is that any talented and ill-intending scripter can do almost all the same things to you via furniture or teleporters as he/she can with experiences. So it is not very reasonable to be afraid of experiences if you are not afraid of furniture... 😉
  10. I am happy for you that you could sort things out. I still would have some open questions. Yes, it is a good thing to check the http_response by the key that was created by the llHTTPRequest. And to communicate an additional sufficient complext identifier back and forth (it can be UUID as it will work for a first unique registration process - even if the UUID of the object will change whenit is taken into inventory and rezzed again). However does that really solve the fundamental problem in your LSL-PHP communication, or haven't you just not run into another case yet? Can you specify
  11. Ok, I clearly have to stop scripting for today. llClearLinkMedia is the call to reverse llSetLinkMedia... Doh!
  12. If I witch a prim face on a HUD to a media face via llSetPrimMediaParams, I can reverse the effect by calling llClearLinkMedia. But what do I need to do if I called the media face via llSetLinkMedia. Is there also a function to reverse this effect on linked prims?
  13. I was having the idea to use llSetCameraParams for a story HUD in order to get movie like shots when parts of the story are told. But as far as I can understand, the existing parameters for llSetCamerParams, only allow to create static camera positions and shots (as long as the avatar does not move) and I can't do dollie shots, zooming in and out of scenes?
  14. This is close to what you want: https://www.outworldz.com/cgi/freescripts.plx?ID=930
  15. This forum is for scripters that help each other when running into problems while scripting. If you are looking for a specific script, you can ask in the "wanted" forum. If you want to pay someone to write such a script for you, you can ask in the "Inworld Employment" forum. This is actually a very nice first project for starting scripting. If you want to use your idea to start scripting in LSL, I will give you a few hints. (1) in case that you have never learned a programming language before, read some (very) general introductions into programming, especially procedural languages. (2) lo
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