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Why round trips are unsuccessful on the SL-Grid?


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Just when you arrive at a destination & have a beer to sit (5) minutes, the return trip to the starting location goes crash.

Is it the SL-Grid going "stale" with weak connection or foul play?

Logging off when you are disconnected from the object-(boat or plane), happens so many times, to reload the travel plan.

At Chill Club-   TRIUMPHAL.PNG

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It could conceivably be the region you are in. There is a Disconnection bug that is in the process of being fixed. Or may be more accurately, being rolled out. With any luck, I think tomorrow will see the fixes covering the main grid. But, I am assuming a lot.

Whether this is your problem depends on the region. Some regions currently have more fixes for Disconnection than other regions.

Check your packet loss in Viewer Stats. If you are >1% packet loss that may be the problem.

Use Memory History (free program) to see if your suffering a memory leak. Some drivers are leaky running SL.

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