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Problems with Mesh avatars

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46 minutes ago, Senta231 said:

it comes with my only avatar i chose before i signed in and it comes with its gray rectangle

I think we need more information to help you, Senta. For one thing, I don't understand what the part I've quoted above means.

When you bought the avatar, did it come in a folder (which you could open to see all the parts)? Or was it a single box? If it's not in a folder, you'll need to open it up and extract the parts. There are different ways to do that, but start by "adding" the box it came in and clicking on it. Otherwise, find a place like a sandbox where you can rez the box, and then right-click > Open to get the parts.

Can you give us a screenshot showing it in your inventory?

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Posted (edited)

If you are wearing a grey rectangle, it is a box the avatar comes packed in. To open a box: https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/opening-boxes-r84/

When you have your box open, and have the contents in your inventory, rightclick it and select "REPLACE outfit". Very important that you not select "add to outfit". When you replace outfit, you take off all the parts from your old avatar and the new parts in the folder replace it.

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