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Viewer 2 v2.6.3 was Ruthing my avatar, I think

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I was majorly Ruthed over the past couple days and the only thing that permanently fixed it was reinstalling the 2.6.1 viewer. I did everything I could think of and was told to do, but I'm new, sort of, so I don't consider my efforts exhaustive. That is why I added the "I think" to the subject line.

[NOTE: This next part kind of rambles and may lead to a few TL;DRs. Sorry about this.]

I tested both my main avatar and my alt in 2.6.3 and I could reliably reproduce the effect for both. I have Phoenix installed and didn't have the problem in there at all.

In addition, if I tried to change my shape, it would appear as though my shape had changed to me, but everyone else still saw me as a Ruth in men's clothes. Even if I changed to to specially created avatar shapes, called Lefty and Righty, with all the sliders thrown all the way to the left or the right (two ugly SOBs, actually), to make the effect obvious. Very strangely, when I changed to the short Lefty shape, my avatar, as Ruth, would sink more than a couple inches into the ground and then float when wearing the tall Righty shape.

Then, when I relogged, I would appear as the avatar shape that I was wearing when I logged off. Except if it was my main avatar, then I appeared as Ruth.

Ruth resisted Changing outfits or body parts, rebaking and clearing the cache. Ruth even resisted reverting to the Male Character Test. The n00b outfit and hair would replace what I was wearing, but all on Ruth's body. The only thing that helped at all was a "Deruthing Rocket," but only temporarily. When I relogged, Ruth was back.

So finally, I tried reinstalling 2.6.1 as this started after I was playing with the avatar physics with my alt (a female) and all is well. Additionally, I am again able to click and view attachments in group notices.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is there any other tactics I could have tried?

For the record, as I mentioned above, I have Phoenix installed, but I prefer the layout of Viewer2. If my experience is the norm, however, then maybe I will consider something else.

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Yes this versioning of 2.6.3 has some showstopper problems.... You found the best solution already, just revert to a previous version of viewer 2 & wait until the next viewer release to update. The next viewer will probably contain fixes to all these things.

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I have not yet experienced that one. However i will keep an eye on it.

My problem with 2.6.3 was that rezzing, rendering and texture load went from appr. 5 seconds to 60. And some alpha textures stay at blur.

It appears that something is borked at HTTP textures in the Debug menu. When i tick that off all speed is back as per normal, meaning very fast for me. 

I found this out by accident since i very much "hate" 2.6 because it was so slow for me, so i went back to 1.23.5. Hower i sometimes need multiple attachment since i develop high quality layered fashion designs in SL from RL (3D design as it is called in RL fashion)

But by coincidence i found out that with HTTP textures off 2.6.3. seems usuable for me now. It might be correlated with your problem too since it seems a rezzing bug,

Anyway i did put in a ticket and it is looked at by the development team at the moment.

It is sooo frustrating that it can take days or hours to get back to normal play in SL which is SL about in the first place. We are not being paid to be bug hunters are we :smileymad:

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Pussycat Catnap wrote:

Where can I get 2.6.1?




I was able to get the 2.6.1 beta here:

2.6.1 Beta Viewer

However, once you install it you immediately get forced to upgrade to the latest viewer, which is apparently 2.6.6 or something. I had the same problems with that one that I did with 2.6.3 that were mentioned here. In fact, the cloud state went on even longer than with 2.6.3 and survived several character tests as well. Still had the inability to change clothes too.

I wasn't able to change the auto-download updates thing in preferences, since the Required Update message locks the viewer. I hate that. If your viewer doesn't work, then don't force people to use it. If there are known FAILURES with your viewer, then your viewer DOESN'T WORK. Where's the rocket science to that? Two If-Thens and you should have this handled.

I have yet to find a release version of 2.6.1.

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Rolling back to 2.6.1 seems to have solved all of my issues. That, and discovery of a flaw in SL with the Take Off All Clothes and Detach All options. Seems that neither of them actually removes the underwear layer item included in the character test outfit. I spent days now agonizing over why these pink polkadot pants from the character test outfit would not come off even through countless outfit changes, character tests, cache clearings and relogs, and this was the problem.

There was also a problem with an alpha layer that I was using to mask eyelashes not coming off so that the no-modify foot hiding layer that comes with my favorite sandals would not load. Can we really not use more than one alpha layer at a time even in V2?

Anyways, the point is that with 2.6.1 all of the standard methods for dealing with slow rezzing and whatnot suddenly work, rezzing without workarounds has still sped up, surrounding non-avatar textures still load very quickly and my asset issues are down to a dull roar, hopefully for good. So I'm happy now! And no forced upgrade back to 2.66. Must have just been the beta. :womanvery-happy:

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4155 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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