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Subforum Misconfigured?

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Places and Events Forum / Games in Second Life subforum is not viewable unless signed into the Forums.

1) the title of the most current (trending?)  thread in the sub forum is not visible, just the name of the last poster in said thread

2) when clicking to see the subforum, I get the error.


     Sorry, there is a problem

   You do not have permission to view this content.

     Error code: 1F176/3


Tested on Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Edge, IE.    

Given that one can see all the other forums and subforums without signing in, I'm assuming is a configuration error.    

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I would hazard a guess that it's to do with the Skill Gaming Policy. While it mainly applies inworld, the following section of the Skill Gaming FAQ -



How will the system know if I am eligible to access Skill Gaming Regions?

When you attempt to enter a Skill Gaming Region, a check will occur behind the scenes to confirm whether the activity is permitted in your jurisdiction and if you meet the age requirements for this activity. You can check the list of prohibited jurisdictions and age requirements here. It is your responsibility to know which jurisdictions are prohibited and to refrain from activity in a Skill Gaming Region if you fail to meet the requirements. Attempts to circumvent our entry restrictions will be a violation of our Terms of Service and may result in termination of your account in Second Life.


- most likely also needs to apply to the forums, as there is a chance that skill games (which are prohibited for people from some countries and US states) might be advertised there. Since the forum software can only tell if you're trying to access that sub-forum from a prohibited location if your account is actually logged in that might be why you can only see it when you are logged in.

Only a Linden will be able to enlighten us as to the true reason, though.

Edited by Skell Dagger

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Sorry, the reply locked up after the snail..(at)  (still borked on FF)

As Skell suggested I checked if it was Skill Game related else would not have bothered logging in. It is not. If it is a generic Forum thing then make a gambling subset sigh.

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