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  1. If a object is modify, but can't resize the entire linkset... the dragging the corner box resize thing. Try this... FIRST-EST-IST-EST!!! ALWAYS MAKE A COPY! Next... Edit the object, Check the edit linked checkbox, & Cycle thru the linkset Looket the Size of all the individual objects. One or more is at the Minimum Size (0.01m). Make those bigger along the appropriate axis. Then... Can try a resize the whole linkset. Probally won't bork the visual aspect of the thing. Might wanna go back and 're'minimize the individual pieces that got made bigger. Thing is this.. Is little objects (prims) that might hold a script or be like a flat thing with a letter, number, label on it. They tend to be made minimum 'flatness'. So try that? Is also script things that can be used to resize a linkset too. Some scripts even know to just ignore the minimum sized object, or let you resize a linkset along one axis at a time. Just find full perm scripts so not to bork permissions on an object all accidently. But Ima lazy and do it manually ... usually.
  2. Is something something relatively recent change to how scripts run. Last fall I think LL changed it? Something I read in another thread. Anyway is now a little longer delay when a thing (furniture) rezzes a thing (poseball) and the thing 'wakes up' to receive messages. So is normal for MLPV2 now, so no worries. The first click, the poseballs missed being turned on it time to hear the 'arrange yourself in space like so' message. So 'Kick it again' ie Second click
  3. To Determine Linden Home Availability: Go to Linden Homes | Second Life Log in with an alt that does not have a Linden Home, preferably non-premium Initiate the procedure to see available Linden Homes: Themes, etc Don't complete the process. Will be unable to complete the process, since is not Premium Account
  4. Coalesced! Not Linked! Is different and can be strange and confusing the two may result in .. Confusion, Hand Wringing, Drama, Headache, Nervous Jitters, RAEG! & BORKAGE! If you take a copy of the coalesced item back into inventory, and not 'do it right'.... is BORK! This is because you may read inventory entry and think.. "Ah! same name, got it", but you missed the 'Not actually linked fiddily bits'. Is not a BAD thing. For a pose ball set thing, makes so can edit the relationship between poses w/o needing to remember to check edit linked prims. For that and other stuffs, Coalesced is VERY Useful. Just is different and strange if not used to it. And... http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_to_retrieve_coalesced_items
  5. First time I saw that message was several years ago, when they switched from merchant outbox folder in inventory, to the newest incarnation of marketplace folders listings in inventory. Sometimes would see it on login, other times see it if TP to a new region. It doesn't matter if you have a MP store or not. Is a guess but seems to be a .. because other stuff in the connections are being goofy... you get a error message because you landed in a new region and some of the first checks of all the 'potential' folders you have for inclusion of stuff in MP store ain't found. (Is 'potential' folders .. you could have because, you can get this w/o having ever setup a store). Can't recall if I saw the message on alt that was non PIOF, at the time though. Didn't have a store so didn't know / care, if needed to be PIOF back then to have a store.. So didn't think "Hmmm.. Am I only seeing this on PIOF me's?'. But since PIOF is needed now for a store.. would be interesting to see if non PIOF's get the message too.
  6. Copy it / Rez a copy. It kicks SL to update any 'I just linked this' discrepancy. Like needing to round up fractional LI.
  7. Is this forum and the Places Events Forums / Games Subforum. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/428312-subforum-misconfigured/
  8. Ouroboros or even a double Ouroboros
  9. What if they are not bots? What if they just see you coming and all switch to ad-hoc chat and feign afk? Hmmm?
  10. My Other Me's Linden Home, the main personal use residence in SL It may be little retro for some. But... I like it, I still have a mainland plot, too. https://gyazo.com/7a6933e30d08425b2e553768dee6e66e And I use a 'neat little trick'. Each room / area in the house has its own holodeck rezzer thing and there are controls to work multiple rooms at a time. So a coupla clicks and I am re-allocating LI used to different room (s). Total of 10 rooms. So the 'big empty spaces' can used, and used well.
  11. And throwing my two bits in about addons to Linden Homes. The tricky part with prefab addons. No stupid simple way to lining stuff up. Which kinda matters when the walls have a little shading. Black -- LL, Blue -- Me (central black band on white wall texture, modified from the texture pack) https://gyazo.com/a2394cff05c8e884cf2eed809945807f Grayson Style Home Upper Floor
  12. Other benefits of that Set land to Group thing.... this is if you wanna/can play with scripts. touch_end(integer total_number) { user = llDetectedKey(0); if (user) if (llDetectedGroup(0)){ do_THING();}} } do_THING() is some other thing. (Duh!) Like Lights or change parcel Music, etc Makes so that gotta be wearing the group tag for clicking to work. Helps Keep my bad alt from standing on the sidewalk and flicking your lights and opening and closing your windows.
  13. If the server is running the EEP stuff and you are using the Regular Release Viewer. You get weird sky. It is the normal viewer doing a 'make the EEP sky' 'show up mostly right' translation. It is because they are still testing and poking at the EEP server and EEP viewer stuffs. When EEP is in the normal viewer, things will go back to looking 'not as weird'.
  14. Sometimes .. A continent is only a continent. Und othertimes.. Is in SL.
  15. Ooooooooo! More! I wanna see more!
  16. So basically is this? If I am currently renting land from another resident, I will have to ask that resident to change the lighting to one that I wish to use at a 'said time' in order to make photographs. Photographs of all the clothes and stuff and things that I bought? to make photographs? Or.... If there is a nice photogenic pretty general purpose sim. One that is open for people to come and take photographs. One that currently does not care what personal windlight one would use for taking photographs. One that just prefers to have traffic on the off chance that people would donate some $L to keep the place open. Now that too will be more limited in Utility?
  17. It broke in August. Was broken for about 6 weeks... mid-October. Fixed. Noticed it was broken again yesterday... After the new EEP stars were in the Sky, and before the Inventory Implosions (when bodyparts didn't want to rez).
  18. Naw. Been like that for years. Is just there. Long ago I think they just decided to make more copies of the Linden Home continents instead.
  19. I noticed this before too. Short answer. I dunno? Is confusing! At First I thought it was just because the newer avatars become less than full permission when moved from library to user account. Newer Avatars being the avatars released since the ones that are shown under Choose an Avatar / Classic. Kimberly, Wyatt, etc. However now the Classic: Kimberly, Wyatt, etc. those can be worn piecemeal. Dragging one object at a time onto avatar. So it appears that currently the last two released batches of Starter avatars. The Ones with shoulder pets or the horses, and the ones from just the other day. Rhiannon, Petrol Sue, Bitsy, Gretchen are the ones requiring dragging the entire folder to the avatar (or using the floater) Additionally The Animation Overrider - Female in some of the Library / older outfits. Example Female Designer Outfit. One is unable to drag and drop (transfer) only the AO on to avatar. It becomes no copy when obtained by dragging the entire folder. While some of the older Library outfits, again the Library / older outfits / Female Designer Outfit example, will become less than full perm in the avatar inventory. The Slam Bits are goofy and if you rez it into ground and take back. They lose their restricted permissions. So Long answer is still. I dunno? confusing! But seems to be something permissions related. Mostly. If it becomes no copy, can't drag and drop, period. But is still weird b/c the needing to use the entire folder to wear something that becomes copy, no mod, no trans -- that only applies to the last 2 batches of Starter avatars entered.
  20. Oh and while the shapes are mod, the eyelashes aren't. Eh? It won't matter.. no one would try to mod the eyeshape sliders.
  21. The Monique Hair is reminds me of something.... Just trying to Remember. Something. Something. Pool's Closed? Maybe?
  22. And the Animation Scripts and the Full Perm Animations in some of the Objects. Oops.
  23. Gyazo for Screenshots and Short Video Clips. It already exists. Having used it many times to show a fresh noob a 'Hey looket! in inventory'. Then replying to the follow up of 'But I NO Have that System Folder'..... That is why I included that one 'nit picky' recommendation of the default NOT being the HIDE EMPTY SYSTEM FOLDERS. Actually I think that initially long long ago... in viewers far in the past. Hiding Empty folders was not default behavior, it was a FIX.
  24. Aya ... Some Kids Just DON'T like playing with Legos. Accept it.
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