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Is anyone else having issues?


I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing an issue with Marketplace? I am trying to purchase some items, I am able to get to the place your order page, But after clicking I keep getting a message saying site cannot be reached. I am able to browse, look at items & even place them in the shopping cart but unable to check out. I have checked & refreshed my internet settings, even checked the grid status while I am In-world and all sections are green & at a good status. So I was curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue as well or if anyone knows if that section of the checkout is possibly down or something. Thanks for taking the time to answer :D


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Check the grid status...


"Unscheduled maintenance" is code for "something broke."  Large parts of the secondlife.com domain seem to be unavailable until the tech crew can fix things. Be patient.

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Oh bummer, I didn't know that was not responding either. I planned on doing the same thing. Hopefully it will be back up & running soon. I feel kinda better because I am over here changing my internet settings thinking I am losing signal lol. Even thought I was lagging it down with all my HUDs.

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