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  1. Oh bummer, I didn't know that was not responding either. I planned on doing the same thing. Hopefully it will be back up & running soon. I feel kinda better because I am over here changing my internet settings thinking I am losing signal lol. Even thought I was lagging it down with all my HUDs.
  2. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing an issue with Marketplace? I am trying to purchase some items, I am able to get to the place your order page, But after clicking I keep getting a message saying site cannot be reached. I am able to browse, look at items & even place them in the shopping cart but unable to check out. I have checked & refreshed my internet settings, even checked the grid status while I am In-world and all sections are green & at a good status. So I was curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue as well or if anyone knows if that section of the ch
  3. I understand you can sell full perm items according to the designers rules, The reason I know it was stolen is because when I had seen I had maps to a different dress all together after I had unpacked it, I had sent a note-card to the creator wanting to the correct maps & sent her proof of purchase. She confirmed the fact it was stolen & I hadn't bought it from her. I had also contacted the creator of the other items I had purchased, she too said they were stolen. This store has a ton of items she had copybotted & does not belong to her. I would never try and close someones account
  4. I had removed the links & creators names, I was unaware I couldn't do that. I was just trying to keep people from purchasing from that person. Thank you for the advice, I will defiantly look into a possible refund
  5. Hello everyone I am new to posting here in the threads, I wasn't sure on which title to place this under, So I just did general discussion. So a day in a half ago I was searching Marketplace for some full perm items to texture & re-sell. I thought, wow the prices are good & both UV & SM maps. Great!! I purchased this dress & I unpack it and immediately see the UV map is a completely different dress all together. So I look at the creator and message her with my transaction information to show proof of purchase & ask if she could please send me the UV map. She sends me a
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