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  1. Oh bummer, I didn't know that was not responding either. I planned on doing the same thing. Hopefully it will be back up & running soon. I feel kinda better because I am over here changing my internet settings thinking I am losing signal lol. Even thought I was lagging it down with all my HUDs.
  2. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing an issue with Marketplace? I am trying to purchase some items, I am able to get to the place your order page, But after clicking I keep getting a message saying site cannot be reached. I am able to browse, look at items & even place them in the shopping cart but unable to check out. I have checked & refreshed my internet settings, even checked the grid status while I am In-world and all sections are green & at a good status. So I was curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue as well or if anyone knows if that section of the checkout is possibly down or something. Thanks for taking the time to answer
  3. I understand you can sell full perm items according to the designers rules, The reason I know it was stolen is because when I had seen I had maps to a different dress all together after I had unpacked it, I had sent a note-card to the creator wanting to the correct maps & sent her proof of purchase. She confirmed the fact it was stolen & I hadn't bought it from her. I had also contacted the creator of the other items I had purchased, she too said they were stolen. This store has a ton of items she had copybotted & does not belong to her. I would never try and close someones account because I just feel like it. I spent money there & now I am unable to use these items to sell in my own store. So yeah, I was a bit upset which is understandable. I completely understand what ChinRey is saying & my intent was not to get everyone to jump on this person. I just wanted to warn others so they don't lose out on money there like I did. I follow their redistribution of their products & rules to the fullest because they designed it & spent money on the mesh upload. But, These items were proven to be illegally uploaded and dispersed.
  4. I had removed the links & creators names, I was unaware I couldn't do that. I was just trying to keep people from purchasing from that person. Thank you for the advice, I will defiantly look into a possible refund
  5. Hello everyone I am new to posting here in the threads, I wasn't sure on which title to place this under, So I just did general discussion. So a day in a half ago I was searching Marketplace for some full perm items to texture & re-sell. I thought, wow the prices are good & both UV & SM maps. Great!! I purchased this dress & I unpack it and immediately see the UV map is a completely different dress all together. So I look at the creator and message her with my transaction information to show proof of purchase & ask if she could please send me the UV map. She sends me a note-card back saying there is no such purchase as we discuss in detail what happened. . But it doesn't end there, I also purchased a top as well and it turns out that too is a copy-bot. So I left a review letting other people know, Hey this is copy-bot & do not purchase here. Well they had flagged my review so I can no longer review that item, Review is down and they are still selling these items. I have made both creators aware as well as another person who purchased other items from them of what this person is doing. I am beyond upset that my Lindens went to them. I will not be using these items in my store as it is not fair for the original creator to have stolen items sold. I just wont do it. So I have flagged their store & stolen items, linked it to my profile & sent them a few ah ummm nice messages lol. My objective here is just to let people know that this person is a flat out fraud & do not waste your Lindens on this scamming thief. With some luck, I am hoping to get their profile down as well as their marketplace.
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