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Sylvia Wasp

Bento Bubblegum Catwa vs. Lelutka

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I'm a Lelutka Bento head user and I've seen that there is this amazing Bubblegum that you can get at the Catwa store that's Bento enabled.  I can't try it because there is no demo, and I can't buy it, because it isn't on MP and I'm banned from the Catwa store and all their properties and holdings anyway (lol).  

I *can* get someone to purchase it for me and give it to me as a gift, but the big question is ....

... will it work as well for Lelutka as it does for Catwa?  

Has anyone with a Lelutka head tried this gum?  Did it work?  I'm looking for a quick review (also not available because it's not on MP).  

Any help appreciated, 


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I have the bubblegum, and the lollipop too. I don't have a Lelutka head though, so can't test that.

A couple of points about the gum, There is an attachment that goes on the end of your tongue, it's not rigged so can be editted around, so this won't be an issue. The other part though are the chewing animations. I've found that bento mouth poses can look weird on heads that don't match, and this object is all about the mouth and cheek poses.

When the blow animation plays and the cheeks puff, it may look quite wrong on an unsuited head.


So, how to test it? Find a friend with it, get edit rights on their gear, ask them to rez the hud, edit it, play the animations from inside their rezzed hud and take a look.

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