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But you will probably have to do some work before the water and sound look and act the way you want.

First, you'll terraform the region.  This means using the land tools, or applying a .RAW terrain file to establish the contours of the land the way you want them.  Part of the region can be below sea level, which will give you some Linden Water on your region.

Linden water can be given many different appearances, using the Environment tools in your viewer.  As the region owner, you can set the sky and water to look however you please, although visitors can choose to override your settings in their own viewers.

The native land tools don't support running water...streams and waterfalls.  For that, you'll need to make your own water from prims, or buy pre-made streams and waterfalls from other creators.  Many of these come equipped with flowing water sounds, or you can put a running water sound into an object like a rock.  Spray effects are done with particle scripts.  Again, you can make these yourself, or you can buy "spray emitters", objects that already contain the particle generating script to make ocean spray or waterfall mist.

All land is capable of supporting the several sound channels that are native to Second Life.  This is set up on a per-parcel basis, so if you divide your region into smaller parcels, you can, for example, have voice enabled on one parcel, but not the parcel next to it.  Each parcel can have its own separate music stream and streaming video stream.

BEFORE YOU BUY A REGION:  I strongly suggest that you buy a smaller piece of land first, either a Mainland parcel (you'll need to be a Premium member) or a parcel from a private estate owner.  Live on the land for at least a couple of months and learn all about how it works...how to terraform it, how to set permissions to allow visitors to do things (or prevent them from doing things!), and so on.  You can also get access to the Estate Manager tools (that give you more control over an entire region that you own) by creating your own free region on an OpenSim grid like OSGrid.  This requires some setup and a sometimes-frustrating learning curve, but it lets you set up and manipulate a region just like the ones you can buy in Second Life, but at no charge.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2105 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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