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Extreme Packet Loss (Only Affecting SL)

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Hello, so I've been having bad SL network issues for the past year now and originally it was the ping sim but now it seems to be that and the packet loss. I've done almost everything I can to try and fix the issue but I still don't know what it is.

Firstly I opened all required SL router ports https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/SL-router-ports/qaq-p/930063

And then I tried WinMTR along with my friend. Both of us get extreme packet loss in the last two hosts but he is still able to connect to SL fine.

I've put my computer in the DMZ, reduced router firewall aggressiveness to medium, I've tried everything and I still get rising packet loss.

KZK (Ixen) is the only sim I seem to be stable on but sometimes I log on with 1000ms ping sim and rising packet loss. My packet loss is always above 3% when I'm stable. I'm not sure how to fix this or what is currently causing it. 

I'm wiredly directly into my Bob2 modem, not sure what the model number is, could be BoB2 (GLD411-A). 

Please help


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The packet loss in your table shows zero!

The 2 hops that don't answer have better things to do and don't answer your ping or trace requests.

Servers or routers can answer your ping or trace requests but they don't have to. And even if they answer you are at the end of the priority list, so the ping values can be much higher than for regular data.

To find out where your 3% are generated you need to sent out many more packets. If every 30th packet is lost (about 3.3 %) sending out 10 trace or ping packets (for example) will not give you any answers.


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I similarly have the same issue with sl. Everything else runs perfectly but I can at time suffer up to 40 to 50% packet loss. When running a VPN u have found that I can remove the packet loss. Maybe you can try that .

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  • Lindens

@Mimaaah, I don't have a specific course of action for you.  I would need more information about the specific problems you are seeing (probably backed up with a Jira and a log file for errors and other information).  Feel free to add information here, I just can't promise anything.  General suggestions and observations:

  • Nalantes' pointers on solving communication problems are always a good place to start.
  • Your router and firewall configuration is likely fine if you're getting full scenes, inventory, chat, etc.  You need to find a good network profile for your specific conditions.
  • Your traceroute is essentially typical for OZ/NZ, if a bit high for the distances covered.  The one exception is the variability.  If you look at the best/worst variance from average at each step all the way to lindenlab, all of it comes from the ii.net hops traversing .au.  I have seen this same pattern before with ii.net and it makes me suspect those hosts may be responsible for poor UDP delivery.
  • Lacking more information about specific problems, my inclination would be to play with bandwidth limits.  I'd set it to minimum (100kbps) on the theory that lower UDP demand would mean lower likelihood of having packets dropped under competition.  Then keep doubling that (200, 400, 800) and see if you find a sweet spot. 

@DKTitan, I've wanted to see some experiments performed over VPN.  If you don't mind, would you describe your setup and what you've found?  Where the VPN endpoints are located, thoughput you've achieved, how the experience has improved, what VPN vendors are reliable and can serve the demands?  Using a VPN really may be a good solution for people who have network service that just cannot be fixed or worked around by other means...

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Hello Monty,


I will try to answer your questions to the best of my abilities. Currently I use IP Vanish as my VPN. I use connections out of San jose and los angeles. Those servers usually have like a 25ms to 23ms ping time. I am currently based out of Las vegas. 

I use cox for internet with 150Mbps down and 10Mbps. I am using a motorola/arris Surfboard modem to a Netgear R6400 router. Ports have been opened on the router but did not seem to make a difference. The Base Qos has also been enabled to my computer with no luck.


Without the vpn if I login I will have over 0.3%  packet loss which can shot up to sometimes 40% packet loss.

With the Vpn I will have either 0.1 percent packet loss or 0.0 consistantly. 

Using the VPN is the only way I can enjoy sl anymore otherwise my animations lag, I can't dance and sounds are very delayed.

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1 minute ago, Tdawg14 Landfall said:

I am having this issue too! 

read the topic from start.. it should give your answer as you say it's the same..

if not.. open your own post instead of using a old thread.

When you do, give some more info than  "me too" or it's impossible to give any suggestion to help you.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1974 days.

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