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Trying to set up a shoutcast stream server..

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well, I thought I could use it, to use to stream to SL..
But just me, not like you that has server people using your streams at one time.
I was just curious if just this one can do it by itself..
well, maybe, do you people train, or would educate me on DNAs, server setup, I have it mostly setup, I just dont know what to put in the setup fields
well, I got to the point to where setup.bat is listening for connections on port8000
the scserver program does come with the docs, but they confuse me ..lol what to do from there goes way beyond me
its on a seperate computer that everyone says is capable of doing it, came to that setup page, and cant get nothing right
all I can figure is because it ask for passwords, nobody wants to tell me what passwords go in the field, I don't want them to tell me the passwords, I just want to know what passwords I should use in each field

I would appreciate the help, because they are giving me the runaround there


Thank You Very Much

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at the www you can find a lot of documentation.

When you set up your own server on your own machine, you decide what the passwords are, you make the configuration.

Most likely there are example passwords on the example configuration file. Those need to be replaced and used in the other settings for your server to be able to broadcast.

The adress for the server http// xxx.xxx.xxx.xx./8000 is your own ip adress, because when you broadcast they have to listen to your machine... and thats only way to connect to it.


The most easy way is to skip this whole set up, and rent a stream.

No setup, no configuration, and a connectivity time of 99.9% .

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If I understand your question, sounds like you are setting up a v2 shoutcast server. I personally don't like v2. I would recommend you go to forums.shoutcast.com and ask there as its their product. They have a tech support forum you can ask. They'd probably be the best bet on a right answer.

By the way, if you are looking to setup a server of your own, and you are running it out of your home, I hope you have a lot and I mean A LOT of bandwidth. With most residential ISP's, 4-5 listeners and your server will be choking.

If you are using a server like a VPS or dedicated server, then I'd recommend getting a control panel like centova cast which will do all you need in it's own installation, then you just create your individual server for you to use.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2370 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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