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  1. Wow! Thanks for all your reactions! Thanks to you all i found this one, and it is exactly what i was looking for. All i need now, is shoes! lol! Thanks allot!
  2. I once read about an designer who makes male suits for female body's. (Tuxedo's for marriage and stuff) Does anyone knows who i mean? Or has other tips for me? (Lesbian crossdressing) Thanks!
  3. Club Sharp! is vampire themed club with dance music, like trance (vocal/uplifting/big room) en other electronice music styles. Every weekend we have live DJ's and exciting hosts. Our weekend's clubnights start at 2:00PM and last till about 8:00PM. (The DJ's really love their job and often don't wanna stop ;) Because we are running a big promotion project for the club, we have several games availible at the club with Linden prices. Come by and enjoy the fun with us! Hope to see you soon. Club Sharp! Facebook Club Sharp! Promo Vid http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ambrose/94/159/22 Greetings from Shiloh Fromz Hiddenshoes (fromz1978) and our crew!
  4. No, have seen avi's done that to me in the past, but forget to ask what it is called. They just did "something" and then their avi started following my avi with their face. Like they where really looking at my avi. I'm looking for that to use myself. Maybe it was an AO feature, i have no idea.
  5. I don't mean the actual zooming and then following, but 2 avi's standing together, and someone does something (a hud maybe) and their head starts following the other avi, like actual looking to other the avi and when that other avi moves, they keeps following with head/eyes. Anyone has any idea what i mean, and what it is called?
  6. Hey, because not all answers are correct, here it is... I'm in Bloodlines. If you don;t have a Bloodlines HUD, you can only be bitten one time. It does indeed nothing to your avatar, but you will have a registration (to the others in Bloodlines) that your soul is in limbo. (It will only belong to the first that bitten you, when you indeed would get yourself a Bloodlines HUD.) If you would like to be bitten, like once a week, thats possible, but then you would need a Bloodlines HUD, and your soul will be transfered to the first one that bitten you. (Even if your first bite was many years ago) Some vampires would love to pay the HUD for you, just so they have your soul and can bite you more often (If you accepted that, also with a HUD you still need to respond to the request before they can bite you). Indeed, when they have bitten you about 30 times, you will be empty. It will be your choise if you want to drink cider to stay full, but in my opinion, your soulkeeper (and/or liege) should pay that for you, or offer you to drink from their cask. All this is only the case if you really want to be bitten more than once, or become active in Bloodlines as a Human. You don't need to become a vampire if you don't want that and can stay Human with the HUD, it is a race in Bloodlines, like being a vampire, lycan or hybrid. If you have been bitten, the only way to get bitten again is to take a potion thats called Wormwood, but thats 249L, so thats an expencive thing to do for a bite. If you want your soul to go to someone else, after you been bitten by someone then you will need the Wormwood too. But thats only if you been bitten before and you want to get yourself a HUD. Hope this helps you a bit. Never be scared to ask a Bloodlines player. Most are happy to help. Sending unasked bite requests is something nowdays is a no go (thank god) but some still do. Most serious players would not do that.
  7. Oh... In a bit of a rush, now see ur question is not this... Ah well, maybe someone else can use it, so i leave it. Sry!
  8. I used this video to set it all up. When ur running a 64x windows 7 u also need to know how to setup a Lame mp3 encoder. The explaination how i used this: If u want to know anything more, contact me Inworld.
  9. I have the problem that certain clothes or hairs just begin streching in my vieuwer, creating lines and walls of texture moving arround with the avi. Can be my own or others. Ofcourse when i want to make a printscreen, it does not happen so i found a picture on google that shows it.  I had this issue before, and looked on this forum and found an solution. It was a setting in de debug list in advanced. It fixed the problem right away and it never came back, but then i needed to reset my vieuwer because of other problems and all settings went back default and i can't find with debug setting it was. Maybe someone knows what setting i'm talking about? I run Firestorm 4.7.3 Thanks!
  10. What is AR the place? *Such a noob, sry Non of them where active, like moving, chatting or anything. I've checked some profiles, all where last editted (feeds and stuff) longer then 4 years ago. Other day i came back to show other friend, and they where still there, all 28 of them. I can put in the LM when i get home (at work now) so you can take a look. It's not a big deal or anything, just very curious.
  11. Wow.. So it's really just about getting people there. They are always online, so they actually keep a server of pc or something running just to keep them online? :matte-motes-shocked:
  12. I wanted to visit a sim after seeing there where 28 people arround, so i thought, maybe a great club. So i teleported, but landed in water not even close to the 28 dots on the map. Long story short, a friend of mine found the place using some kind of hud, and teleported there. She tp'ed me, and it was so creepy. We where standing in a black box, full of avatars in mode half flying (like when a tp fails, u hang a little above the ground) some of them standing with AO active. Most of them seem to be bots. It all are personilised, so no newbie avatars. People, furry's, everything. So weird!? Is it like an storage to place unwanted avi's of something? Are there more of them? I've made a photo, i will add it later. Just curious! :)
  13. I had the problem too, after installation the vieuwer would not start and give out an error. I have a 64system and downloaded the 64system Firestorm version. Nothing. I downloaded the 32system version and i did not have any problem using it. Maybe you have the same issue? If so, just take the 32system download.
  14. Nobody recognize? *see my bad English now, sry! :matte-motes-bashful-cute:
  15. Wow, this is very nicely done! Very usefull to allot of newbee's i think.
  16. I can't ask the girl since she not been online, so i respect her privacy. Maybe she would not like her picture on a public forum. :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  17. Hi all, I've been to 50 shops. Can't find it. If someone knows? Your my hero! http://i1360.photobucket.com/albums/r648/Pippa2012/kaal_zpsoqqlpkzz.jpg http://i1360.photobucket.com/albums/r648/Pippa2012/haar_zpssuhjt8be.jpg Thanks for looking!
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