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  1. I know about renting a stream, been DJ'n for years, using SAM, but figured I would give it a try, thanks for the reply
  2. well, I thought I could use it, to use to stream to SL.. But just me, not like you that has server people using your streams at one time. I was just curious if just this one can do it by itself.. well, maybe, do you people train, or would educate me on DNAs, server setup, I have it mostly setup, I just dont know what to put in the setup fields well, I got to the point to where setup.bat is listening for connections on port8000 the scserver program does come with the docs, but they confuse me ..lol what to do from there goes way beyond me its on a seperate computer that everyone says is capable of doing it, came to that setup page, and cant get nothing right all I can figure is because it ask for passwords, nobody wants to tell me what passwords go in the field, I don't want them to tell me the passwords, I just want to know what passwords I should use in each field I would appreciate the help, because they are giving me the runaround there Thank You Very Much
  3. Me to, this sucks, I was supposed to DJ at 10SLT, but at least like you said the dashboard is up, for Me to, and I can see that most of the important staff isn't online either, that gives Me an excuse............I hate telling management or anybody "Well I couldn't log on because SL wouldn't let me....at least now I know that they probably are having the same problem Thanks for your comments DJ Trap
  4. Anybody out there that can connect, I keep getting a "system wont let you log on error"
  5. Would the estand manager/owner have to do that, I dont see any option under about land..... but I'll tell Estate manager/Owner about what you said, Thank You
  6. GMorning, I have about a 220prim Item that keeps rezzing and de-rezzzing.........but only when I'm withing eyesite of it ..Never moves, just keeps rezzing off an on, about every 3 minutes..does not show up on Prim counts..cannot bee returnrned deleted......Tried everything Can anyone help Me with this problem...Its driving Me nuts
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