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Things have changed since I've been gone...help?

Giz Ihnen

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Hey everyone!

I saw an article a few weeks ago about the new LL project... and I thought to myself, self, I wonder if my SL avi is still around? It has been 4 years since I closed up shop, sold all my land and became a nomad for a while....then just eventually nomaded off the grid.... anyway.....

So I sign onto the SL website and sure enough, there I am!  I download the viewer and THERE I AM!  After 4 years, wearing the same outfit and long flexy hair I signed out with all those years ago...  Inventory? ALL THERE... well, almost, maybe half dozen missing, guessing because the creators left and took their stuff with them...

Back to reason for post.... it's so different now from what I call the wild west days. Back in my day sculpties were the big rage...LOL!  There's so much more in here now! The mesh creations are amazing!!! So many new designers/creators and quite a few who stood the test of time and are still around!  I have been so enjoying just teleporting place to place looking at all the new attractions. Omg, had a blast doing some quest thing the other day!

So what are some  good places to see?  Yes, I looked at the destination guide, but sometimes the best places/shops, etc are the word-of-mouth ones :D

And what's with the mesh clothes/bodies? So cool! Can't wait to try that out! Suggestions on a good place to start after such a long absence? 

I didn't realize how much I missed SL until I rezzed my Pegasus and went to look for Gov. Linden's house... yeah...I'm such a nerd... but I own it, proud of it, it's good to be back :D


(and that new "project", occulus rift is owned by zuckerberg...so imho, my bet is on a SL/FB hybrid that incorporates occulus...)

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Excellent time for shopping! :matte-motes-sunglasses-3: Don't forget to demo. When you left SL, I think there was no demos for clothes. Now there are, so you can try before you buy. 

The Marketplace, SL shoppingsite, is a wreck, but can be useful as long as you remember that there is scammers operating. Skins in particular, is sold copybotted. Avoid no demo-items unless it is builds rezzed inworld and such objects. The Marketplace also sells tons of crap, and is hard to search in. 

You are a classic avatar, so notice in the Marketplace that there is a category for classic avatars and mesh avatars. Also, when you buy mesh body parts, you must shop for that brand. It's not possible to mix. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AVALE-Emily-Blanchette-Mesh-Appliers/7540077 The dress here is shown on a mesh body, and will NOT look as good on a classic avatar. It has the classic layers plus a crotch flap - did you remember those? A prim as a skirt panel so we can wear little tight dresses without a skirt shape.

Wonderful as mesh can be, it is not possible to edit mesh items that are rigged or fitted mesh. Well, you can always tint them if they are mod. I love my belly rings and chains, because no matter how well I edited those in the old days, they clipped when I bent. And fitted mesh work with belly sixe, bodyfat and muscles, so they adjust when you move your body sliders. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Misha-Jesuil-Belly-Ring-Dreamcatcher-for-Maitreya-Lara/7717788

Remember to use add instead of wear. You can have up to 5 or was it 6 different layers. If you use your head and buy a mesh body, you will love how you can layer makeup and hairbases. You loose that freedom with a mesh head. The layers there are few and will limit you, and you can only use appliers, no makeup layers.

For attachment points, use add there too. Many designers are lazy and use the right hand as standard attachment point. If you use wear, you kick off the item that's already attached there.

You will find out that there are lots of shopping events. Seraphimsl.com is the best page that lists them with a picture of the vendor and the price, they also include a slurl.

You will see something called Gacha there and it is like gumball machines, pay the machine and you get a price. It is annoying, because if I want the red shoes, I can get 5 pair of blue shoes and 3 pair of green and so on, until I get tired or win those red shoes. (I can get the red shoes on the first try, but that doesn't happen often!) This has led to a yardsale market, because gacha items are sold no copy and transfer, so you can sell or gift them. You find gacha salesmen on the Marketplace too, and I must say that those I have bought from has never cheated me. This is the only time when there is no demo and still legit items.

iheartsl.com is a feed with lots of fashion bloggers. You can find inspiration there. Remember, some edit their pictures for artistic reasons, they may not appear just like that for you. 

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Thank you so much for all the info!  So much to catch up on....and just in time for the weekend!  How convenient for me :D 

I see Belleza and Maitreya are still going stong! When I rezzed, I was wearing my Maitreya pumps from 2009 and a set of Belleza prim eyelashes from I don't know when.. and I think they still look great...

again, thank you both so much. Enjoy your weekend :)

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Join the Fifty Linden Fridays group for nice items put on sale each Friday for only $L 50.

I think some of the best SL Blogs to read or subscribe to are FabFree , HUNT SL , Mesh Body Addicts , and Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Don't get a mesh body or head right away. If you want one, compare them from lists at the MBA site first, then try the demos. If you decide to buy a Maitreya Lara mesh body, be sure to join their VIP group Before you buy inworld to get credit for future purchases. Then join the Maitreya Lara Friends group for friendly support and chat. The Mesh Body Addicts group is also good for mesh body support. Mesh bodies are tricky, but they're basically scripted mesh that goes over your regular body - so of course any skin or system layer clothes you wear will be hidden under them. This means your old skins will need appliers for the mesh body or just get new skin that comes with mesh body appliers.

Always get demos for mesh clothes before buying them. You can wear mesh clothing that is meant for different mesh bodies as well as for Standard Sized classic avatars. You just have to wear the alpha layers that come with the clothes. When you buy mesh clothes they will sometimes come with a notecard that explains standard sizing. Basically, you'll have to adjust a few of your body measurements to fit into mesh clothes better. (Yeah, now we have different sizes for clothes, just like in RL. :-p )

Most people say Add, rather than Wear mesh clothes because they often attach to your right hand, even though they look like they're on the correct body part. I say Attach mesh clothing to the appropriate part when you first put it on. For instance, shirts & dresses could be attached to your Spine, right or left pec, while pants or skirts can be attached to your pelvis. If you get a mesh body, attach it to your Avatar Center, so it won't come off when you wear mesh clothes.

If you want new skin, look for skins that come with mesh body appliers. Lumae is one of my favorite skins stores and has free group gifts with mesh body appliers.



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2424 days.

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