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I would need a nice piece of land for my breedables :)

Sonja Smedley

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Most places will let you rez most breedables in modest number, especially if you keep them in very high skyboxes. On ground level, if there are others in the sim, the effect on neighbours can be pretty awful, even for relatively modern breedables, if there are enough of them rezzed at the same time.

You can check for yourself: if the breedable objects contain more than one or two scripts, they're pretty primitive. I've seen some with as many as ten scripts per instance, and it takes only a few hundred of those to completely consume the script scheduler, even if the scripts themselves never have triggering events. To try to "raise" those in quantity, it's necessary to house them on multiple regions, splitting up the herd into no more than a hundred or so instances per region.

In large quantities, some also lag viewers, especially those that generate object updates (e.g., motion). That's why it's best to put them in out-of-view skyboxes. (They're also mighty unsightly in quantity, even the ones that might be considered cute in ones and twos.)

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Hello Sonja,


I have land available for your animals. 2048 metres 468 prims ocean front Sunset view. The island is located on a green forest island.



You can pay the tier to the rental meter on the land and commence to breed with your animals.


Any questions you can IM me in world today. 


Count Burks


Count Burks Estates - Excellent Land For A Modest Price


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I agree with Alwin!

Some landlords they lower their prices to attract tenants because that's all they can do; and they usually quit SL after some time when they realise that what they are doing is for almost nothing.

From the other hand, some landlords are having their price in a regular standard and so they can hire agents, or let their PC on all night long, 24/7 just for to not loose ( capped) IMs; and if also they are in front of the PC for lots of hours then they can provide an excellent service!

As you can tell, that service demands... and demands cost money to those landlords.

And if at the end you ask me, there isn't a lot of profit, enough to make a landlord satisfied when they are offering that kind of service.

I guess me and some other small landlords are facing this as a hobby more than a job.

I had many times complains about "vanished" landlords from my tenants.. And actually I became a landlord exactly because of that. I was tired to have a question and had to wait hours or sometimes days to get an answer or to upgrade my tier. Or to not get satisfaction because of lack of abilities given.

So yes! A few dollars or sometimes a few CENTS more ( as i see in this case of the OP) aren't the correct criteria for someone to choose a parcel to rent.

Oh and also the permissions given (if it is for Mainland ) or the covenant (if it is for private regions) is the real criteria that someone has to consider when they browsing lands..

That's what I had to say.

I wish to the OP to get what exactly they wanted.

P.S Thank you Mr. gatoulis for your good words :)

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This thread confuses me. When I look at the numbers there's a pretty huge difference between the price of that first offer, on the one hand, and on the other, both the site the OP found and bee's prices. The first isn't quite double the cost per prim, but nonetheless quite a bit more.

And that's not surprising, either, because the latter two are Mainland-based, where the monthly cost to the Labs is about 30% less compared to an Estate. And for breedables, Mainland is plenty good enough: won't draw too many avatars, and one doesn't have very high expectations for Mainland sim performance.

I will say again, though, that I've seen Mainland sims with deep script lag from breedables alone. Usually, though, this is strictly script lag -- no time dilation, no physics lag, no "rubber banding" -- but any script in the sim gets only a slim chance of running each frame, so scripted content will be really sluggish. (Many don't appreciate how much of their SL experience is mediated by scripts -- including everything that uses the Firestorm bridge. It all feels like "lag" to them, even though it's very different underneath.)

Thing is, there's no reason to worry about that at all for modest numbers of breedables. As long as every script gets a chance to run each frame, having fewer scripts won't make anything run any faster. There's a threshold, easily seen on Sim Statistics, the "Scripts Run" percentage -- when that's at 100%, there's simply no effect on performance.

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I wanted to say I found a skybox where breedables are allowed..I don´t know If I am allowed to say the name of the Rental.

But well I get there 468 prims for 650 Lindens a week, I think this is ok.

And although my laptop is actually a bit slow in SL, it works without problems in the sky also with my 18 breedables :)

So well, I am happy.


And Beethros I was checking some of your spots, you know I was always very satisfied renting with you...but the spot I visited was at the roadside and a shop was there, I did not want you to remove all of this just for a few breedables...no idea If some people would have maybe complained because of them :(

And the other one was laggy for me, this was also the one with 468 prims I think...but on the ground it seems more difficult for me, cause of rezzing all the stuff around me loool...maybe in the future when I get a better computer I will be able to rent on the ground again haha...


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I agree as about the prices.. mine and the link of the OP are almost the same; just a few cents difference.

And yes that's because we are in Mainland and the other one who replied and is a little bit more expensive its in private regions...

Now as for the lag.

Well, I am not a scripter neither i have a lot of EXP as about scripts and lagging.

But I am 10 years almost every day online in many virtual worlds and i know very well the effects of lag. Elder members remember what we was calling: Moonwalking (lol)

I have to note that these days there is no lag from the servers because they are huge.

Lag comes as Sonja said from the users low ram and cache.

Of course there is also lag from a "bad" use of a sim.

And that's more often in private regions where landlords want to take the advantage of all their property and they rent it all out. That way lots of prims are used and if a sim (or a parcel) has exceeded the 95% of the prim usage is lagging and even crashing. That's really kinda hard to find it in mainland because usually there are lots of abandoned land around each parcel and so there is no way to reach the 95% of the prims. 

P.S. Glad you find what you needed Sonja. Just remember - usually - you arent laging because of a place. You lagging because of your PC full cache and the low RAM. To avoid lagging make often a Ccleaner or any other program to clean your Internet history etc and more important a Restart to the pc/laptop. And as for that shop you mentioned, its just decoration. when a parcel of mine is rented out, I clear the land

Wish you all a lot of fun in SL ( and RL)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2941 days.

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