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  1. I remember your name too Syo Emerald But it is really strange to log in after so long. I hope I get used to it again.
  2. ... and I wanted to ask, is there anything new I need to know? Any changes? Thank you in advance
  3. Syo Emerald wrote: Its simple: Get rid of "friends" who are stupid. :matte-motes-little-laugh: :smileyvery-happy: Someone else told me that too yesterday...loool
  4. lol nooooo you will never see me as a kid in an adult zone...oh my god!!!! I am not into such crap!!!!
  5. Yes I know what you mean... the reason I bought this kid ava was in the past when a friend of mine made pics for poses for mother and child...and she asked me If I would pose with her so I thought why not maybe it is fun.I do not really wear this ava a lot cause my main is adult and will always be and I am not into the roleplay thing. The strange thing is, that my friend has 2 seperated accounts where he is a kid.I only have the ava to change in my inventory.So it was funny that he told me it is not allowed.But nevermind...
  6. Ok thank you...well he is a friend of mine and he wanted to voice so I thought it is ok...lol strange somehow...but voice did not work on his sim anyway.
  7. Hello! I have a question. Well I have so many different avas in my inventory...animals, fairies and that stuff and also some teenager oder kids avatars. So last night I logged in and met a friend of mine and I was inworld as a kid cause last time I was too lazy to change it back to normal, cause I was sorting out my old stuff from outfits and saved avas... And I wanted to voice after a long time and the moment I started to talk he told me If I do not know that it is not allowed to voice as a kid....! Ehm...is that really true or have I missed something? It was at his sim where I have rented land.No one else around...but no matter If in public or at home. Why isn´t it allowed??? I am confused.
  8. A post from a person who seems to know all of your blogs for example: "Don't be fooled by Prokofy's propaganda. If he really loved second life would he need 5 blogs and 10 groups so he can rant about 'idiot tenants' and how much he hates LL. Wait until you rez something that doesn't fit into his idealized Mr. Rogers neighborhood and see how nice he is to you." :smileyvery-happy:
  9. Haha...Miss Prokofy I am very sorry that you get so upset about me...would be interesting to see the timeline you talked about when you say I did this multiple times over the years. I know that I have rented at 2-3 places within a few weeks at the beginning time of my Second Life, as you can read at this blog you wrote on your own...as I said you must be a very bitter person in RL when you are not able to forgive and forget. People make mistakes in life no matter in SL or in RL...and you are by far not suitable to call yourself a landlady, when you are not able to control your emotions.You seem to me like a person who actually hate other people and cause you seem to be a little light in RL you demonstrate your seemingly power in SL I give you a tip...try to handle your life and calm down...relax, take a deep breath and enjoy life I am not mad about you...you do not know it better. And for all others here: Please read the blog of Second Thoughts: DO NOT RENT : Sonja Smedley hihi...it is very funny and somehow I feel famous...reminds me on the old days... http://secondthoughts.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2011/05/do-not-rent-sonja-smedley.html
  10. I wanted to say I found a skybox where breedables are allowed..I don´t know If I am allowed to say the name of the Rental. But well I get there 468 prims for 650 Lindens a week, I think this is ok. And although my laptop is actually a bit slow in SL, it works without problems in the sky also with my 18 breedables So well, I am happy. And Beethros I was checking some of your spots, you know I was always very satisfied renting with you...but the spot I visited was at the roadside and a shop was there, I did not want you to remove all of this just for a few breedables...no idea If some people would have maybe complained because of them And the other one was laggy for me, this was also the one with 468 prims I think...but on the ground it seems more difficult for me, cause of rezzing all the stuff around me loool...maybe in the future when I get a better computer I will be able to rent on the ground again haha...
  11. In the meantime I finally found a really nice place and I am really happy with the choice.... Thank you all for giving me tipps.:heart:
  12.  Some people drag their karma to the end of their days around with it. And some people I feel sorry that they have to be extremely bitter that they render their dissatisfaction even to their second life. In the meantime, I've found to rent a nice place ... lol life was good to me and probably thought, "Stay away from this merely negative energy". I really feel sorry for your poor soul and much more for the people who rent with you
  13. Nooo I found cheaper land here ... was checking already some plots inworld...for example here: http://wl.sparrowindustries.net/918bd8aa18accdde3d27a1dade152d71/?group=2
  14. Hello, thanks for your answer. I have checked your website. This land would cost 15 US Dollars a month? I am sorry this is too expensive for me. That would be more than 900 Lindens a week for 468 prims. I cannot afford that sorry...but thanks.
  15. But at land search I do not really find something suitable I have already checked...most of them only rent land for private homes but not for breedables...
  16. Ich hab meinem Bekannten den Tipp ausgerichtet aber es scheint dennoch nicht zu funktionieren.Ich bin mit meinem Latein auch am Ende.Aber trotzdem danke fuer den Tipp.
  17. Hello...I would need land for my breedables. If there is a landlord who is breedable friendly please contact me. Right now I would need between 400 and 500 prims. Not too expensive If possible :) Thanks a lot :)
  18. Hello I would be interested in such a parcel cause I have a few breedables. But the problem is, If you still hate me and do not want me as a customer I would understand. Well in the past I was new and made some mistakes with renting places, had no clue about this all. Now I am old haha and would never ever place a house that would be too big for a parcel I rent loool. Well let the old times rest in peace... I would be very happy to hear from you. If not, please tell me cause I really need a place for my meeroos and fennux. Thank you and greetings.
  19. Hallo kann meinem Bekannten in SL jemand helfen? Er kann zwar voicen und außerhalb von SL funktioniert Musik hoeren und alles aber in SL kann er gar nichts hoeren. Er meinte er hat sich auch schon an das Support Team von Firestorm gewendet aber auch da konnte man ihm nicht helfen. Er hat auch schon mindestens 10 verschiedene Viewer ausprobiert sagte er mir, aber es funktioniert einfach nicht mehr. Ich denke, das kann sicher nur eine Kleinigkeit sein aber ich hab da ja auch nicht so viel Ahnung von. Also falls hier jemand ist, der vielleicht inworld direkt helfen koennte, bitte melden. Vielen Dank!!!!!
  20. Hello Are breedables allowed? I would need a place where I can put my 16 meeroos.
  21. Nein, du kannst die so billig oder so teuer verkaufen wie du moechtest! Du kannst sie auch verschenken, sind ja schließlich deine !
  22. Check out Truth!!! They have a similar one https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TRUTH-HAIR-Noemi-Mesh-Hair-DEMO/4945183
  23. I am in contact with the support team and they told me to reset my magic box inworld ... I followed all the steps at marketplace and ingame and made a reset. The 5 nests which are paid are still gone and the one which appeard as not available and not paid is still inside my magic box but does constantly show not available at MP I have no idea what is going on with MP.This is really annoying. The customer contacted me to deliver her the nests inworld and I told her this is not possible cause they are no longer here since the first time it showed they were delivered to her. Now again I have to wait for new answers from the support team -.-
  24. Ok thank you very much, especially for the tip with the rez script.I will tell the customer too to open a support ticket. But what If she did not accept the nests and declined when they were coming inworld and lost it that way?...
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