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The Second Life Viewer works poorly in Windows 8.1, why?

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Right now I am useing 8.1 for over a year and its running all viewers for SL with no problems ! I would suggest you make sure all drivers are up to date on your computer,especially your Video card drivers ,,, go to "your video card web site" a get the latest drivers, also always keep your OS (8.1) up to date and any viewer updates ,,, then go from there.

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Did you just install Windows 8.1 on the same machine that was running Windows 7? The Windows installation will only install the most basic video card drivers; you should go to the maker of your video card and get updated video drivers from them to run a graphically intense program like Second Life.

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Please also look at mt comments on the following posts:


Not all Windows 7 PCs/Laptops are good candidates to upgrade to Windows 8.1 which needs more modern components. If you upgraded a PC that was certified for Vista or only Windows 7 you might be tripping over non-capable components in it.

Please share what Make and Model your PC is and the details on it's Graphic Subsystem:

Please update your question with the requested information as follows:
Select the Options drop-down menu to the right of your question and select Edit Question.

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