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2 Questions, the first is of dire importance

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Hello SweetCheeks, sorry I don't have great answers for either Question

.. I need to get information that is past 30days old on my transaction history.

Knowledge Base article Is it possible to view transactions older than 30 days?

It is not currently possible to view Linden dollar (L$) transactions older than 30 days.  You can download all transactions in the past 30 days as an Excel spreadsheet for later reference.  To download your transaction history:

  1. Go to https://secondlife.com/account/transactions.php
  2. In the From field, choose the earliest possible date
  3. Click the download button
  4. Save the .xls file to your hard drive


And I can't help you with the shopping either

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The first part has already been answered, so I'll try and tackle the second:

It all boils down to improvisation. What you'll be looking for is probably some variation on a satyr or faun type avatar; for the adult or teen version it's not that big a deal, just wear the hooves supplied with such avatars and you're done, unles you want a more developed 'minotaur-esque' look.

For a more adult look, you might want to to look at the 'monstrous minotaur' avatar offered by SENSE; use the parts you like and you'll be looking sharp.

For the baby human-taur i'm thinking you should grab a Wynx Tiny Avatar- probaby the tiny Buffalo or one of the darker Tiny cows. You can use that (with an appropriate head change to human baby, of course) for some time until you decdide kiddo is all grown up.

This is one of those cases where in order to get the look you want you're going to have to experiment, adapt and improvise quite a bit. Good luck with it!!

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Nicky.Patterson wrote:


Yes I can help with the first part. Go to Account -> Transaction history and see the line that says:

"These are your US$ billing transactions for the previous 45 days. For your Linden Dollar (L$) transaction history, please Click here"

That link will take you to your L$ transactions where you can specify a date range.

Hmm...well mine says (and I thought everyone's did) 30 days, so I'd love to know how one gets 45 days please.

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"2nd question;  I help alot of new ppl and not so new ppl in my group, my business,  or when out & about.  One of the girls in my group is pregnant using that Mama Allpa hud and she got that way by a minotaur.  this is her first time and asked me hwo she finds a newborn that is human with 2 hooves.  (Can't believe doing ths one) I s there such a newborn to buy for her and toddlers etc?"

Believe it or not I perhaps can help.. a friend of mine had an sl baby, her maternity centre allowed her to custom design her own baby (lol the things you say on secondlife...); asked her if she wants her baby to be a clawed neko, an albino goth, a fanged vamp... for all I know they do hooves also.  I'll ask and send you an IM once I find out for sure.  (if they'll do a clawed neko I'm sure they can do hooves, its merely a matter of editing)

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