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  1. If you're interested, you can add your vote to fix this bug, along with others. Be sure to mention which browser you're using. I've just recently discovered that Mozilla Firefox is the only browser which LL supports, but according to some voters, there's a bug using that browser as well. http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/XSL-32
  2. Yep, minimum 2 members to keep a group open. Another excellent reason for having an alt account.
  3. I had a look around and couldn't find it either. I believe it used to be attached to our account page. I don't recall seeing an announcement that they were doing away with it. If you decide to contact LL about it, perhaps let us know what you find out? There also was a feature where you could send a postcard to a friend suggesting they check out Second Life, but I don't see that either. You would get referral bonuses if they signed up for premium membership.
  4. That's a lot of Lindens on one contact list.
  5. Ellla.McMahon wrote: To Search Blogs at secondlife.com please see this Wiki article How do I advanced search? Hope this helps Hey Ellla. Now that the bra has been taken care. I discovered something interesting relating to searching blogs that you brought up. Check out these two pictures of tabs which appear when you use the insert link option in a post. I find these to be far more useful than the Search feature at the top. Just thought I'd pass them along in the event others haven't discovered them yet.
  6. Lane Luke


    Hehehe I'm having trouble reading it sideways UnkleBob. I may have covered the upside-down reading though. I just know I'm not giving up my higher end stipend to find out.
  7. Lane Luke


    Fillo.Farber wrote: Yes I read this. It isn't clear to me. If I had premium account back in 2004, 2005 for example and downgraded at some point, do I get the old stipend or the new rate when I upgrade again? The information can be read to work both ways from what I see. The way I read it, number one applies here. Premium accounts created or upgraded from Basic on or after November 1, 2006 receive L$300 per week. It's after November 1, 2006, you're upgrading from Basic, so that means 300L per week.
  8. Nicky.Patterson wrote: Yes I can help with the first part. Go to Account -> Transaction history and see the line that says: "These are your US$ billing transactions for the previous 45 days. For your Linden Dollar (L$) transaction history, please Click here" That link will take you to your L$ transactions where you can specify a date range. Hmm...well mine says (and I thought everyone's did) 30 days, so I'd love to know how one gets 45 days please.
  9. Moochie.Mendicant wrote: Hello! After a 2+ year absense, I'm back in SL and loving it. Unfortunately, I have forgotten some details that I used to know... When I am wearing a new outfit, but am barefooted, I drag on a pair of shoes, only to loose all my clothing. Please remind me how to avoid this! Barefoot & happy Moochie If you're "dragging", you're replacing the outfit. If the folder only contains shoes, that's all you'll be wearing. You can either add a copy of the shoes to the outfit folder you're wearing, or simply "attach" the shoes. Don't forget to wear your shoe base if
  10. Ashleigh.Willis wrote: Well I tried taking my No PIOF av to all the adult yacht clubs and had no problem with being too young. Unless he gives us the actual location then we cant try it ourselves with 100% certainty. You can have NPIOF and still be age verified. Payment info on file is just one way to age verify.
  11. Possibly, but I think it's more likely because his profile says NPIOF. Even though he's age verified and account verified, he just did that today, and inworld profiles do not update instantly. It takes a day or two.
  12. PIOF = Payment Info On File Your profile says you don't have it. If you just recently updated your account, it may take a day or two to be reflected in your profile.
  13. TR.Blackbart wrote: Um... no, it was in one specific place. If I say the Gentlemen's Yacht Club, do you know what I mean? Well, no, I don't know what you mean, but no matter. If it's just one place, it's not an AO issue. It's between you and the location. I see you don't have PIOF. Many places restrict their properties that way.
  14. The message actually says "too young"? Are you getting this everywhere on Zindra?
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