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  1. Daz can import poser files which are included in the SL avatar templates here: http://secondlife.com/community/avatar.php They're the .cr2 files. I think that's what you want.
  2. Is your land group owned? If it is, and object creation is disabled on the parcel, you might have to wear your group tag to be able to rez objects. Message was edited by: Nicky PattersonEdit: I just read the post properly. Ignore what I just said LOL. Sometimes I get that message too but it fixes itself after a while. It could be a problem at LL's end.
  3. Yes I can help with the first part. Go to Account -> Transaction history and see the line that says: "These are your US$ billing transactions for the previous 45 days. For your Linden Dollar (L$) transaction history, please Click here" That link will take you to your L$ transactions where you can specify a date range.
  4. I once reset my password and I was able to do it through emails and web forms without having to call on the telephone. Is it possible that you answered some of the verification questions incorrectly?
  5. This happens from time to time. It's nothing to worry about - I've been locked out 3 times before and it's always fixed itself within a day or two. Nicky.
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