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Agree, it's a big deal. My content depends on having the ability to completely control the license and the rights specific to each scenario it's used in. LL's ToS makes that impossible for me to do on many levels.

Because of many issues (like the one in another thread where after 2 years people are still multiple charged for enhancements) I've soured on SL.

The one that caused me to stop all content creation and future plans for SL though was the ToS.

Because their response was nothing but a dodge on the issue and because it doesn't look like LL is going to back down, I'm done with SL. My SL business has recently been left in capable hands, land is gone and most of my ties are severed. LL just isn't a professional company when it comes to handling business and their mistakes have left them less than trustworthy, from the ToS to butchering tax requirements to over billing and at one point telling me I couldn't take out money that I earned because I reached my cap.

Will continue to check in on the merchant forums here and there because it's "home" in a way that goes back to when our merchant community was independent and the marketplace was run by one of our own residents.

Otherwise, the ToS was certainly enough for me to wash my hands of SL for good. I now create my games and content where I have full control over them and where I can handle my business on a professional level without some company laying complete claims to my content and saying "trust me".

I don't do "trust me" from a company, I do contracts that spell out the trust equally on both sides when that contract protects me as equally as it protects the other side. LL offers nothing in return in this contract.

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My sentiments exactly. I have not, nor will I log in under the current TOS. It is utterly pointless to accept Linden Lab as my agent, this contract is purely one sided.  If taken to task highly it is unlikely that it would hold up in court. If I know from the start that it is to the unfair advantage of Linden Lab, I would do as I have done; refuse it in its entirety.  No they have not taken advantage yet. Do I believe they will? I have witnessed Linden Lab do some shady sh!t to their customers. Faith is gone. Put it in writting Linden Lab, or lose the basis of your game; content.

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Well as much as my initial vibes from Ebbe on wanting to change things and be more open and transparent about what LL is up to, his only statement on the TOS topic a few weeks ago was not as open and transparent as most of his other positions / statement about LL and SL and his direction.

All he basically said was that after briefly looking into the TOS issue he understood why there would be concerns about the TOS by the SL creators but its a complicated issue to just revert back to the previous TOS wording.  And then he reiterated what Peter told us and those that don't understand the heart of the TOS issue (and therefor don't see this as a big deal)....  TRUST US we really dont have the intent to violate SL creator rights nor would it be wise to do so. 

Well Ebbe, as a Senior Businessman of some very large companies prior to joining LL, I am sure companies like Miscrosoft, Google, or even LL would NEVER sign agreement or be willing forced to accept agreements whereby another party lays full claim to these companies' IP content/products/service under the terms of...


So Ebbe, why would you and LL feel it is reasonable for us to trust LL on this forced full rights claim to our content?

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2640 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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